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New At Unicorn Booty: Interview with April Anderson, creator of the short “Trannybot 5000”

Meet-The-Creator-Of-A-Short-Film-Calling-Out-Transparent-702x336Whether you need a trans character to teach someone about masculinity or just to make your audience feel weird about genitalia, Trannybot 5000 is the answer to all of your casting needs!

No, that’s not just a needlessly offensive advertising tagline, it’s the satirical salespitch for Trannybot 5000, a low-fi film short recently released by trans filmmaker April Anderson. With a $10 budget and some help from the Trans Oral History Project, Anderson made the NSFW and potentially offensive video as a response to how trans women are portrayed in popular culture by cisgender actors and creators (that is, by people whose gender and sex-at-birth are the same).

“In an ideal world, real-life trans women would always play roles based upon them,” says the announcer inTrannybot 5000. “However, in our world, trans women are weird, and often have ideas that complicate a shoot.”

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Video: Trootcottoun

Movie poster for Trootcottoun
Movie poster for Trootcottoun

In the summer of 2002, I made a short film!  I wrote it and directed it (and Rian Bosak shot pretty much all the tricky bits as my DP!), and edited it all in about… 3 weeks? 4 weeks?  Something like that.  It wasn’t very long, anyway.

It’s a fake documentary about a small fishing town in the UK.  I used to have a DVD that I was selling of it, but let’s just share it all up here!  So, beneath the cut, here’s the complete short.  It’s about 20 minutes long.  Little shorter.  YAAAAY!  Later, I’ll also post the commentary version.  And if you want to read along, or read instead, the script is also included!

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