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Interview: K. Thor Jensen

K. Thor Jensen

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This is the first Kittysneezes Interview.  In fact, that’s not quite true.  This was originally conducted for TODCRA, although the TODCRA interviews never really got off the ground.The idea was to have a standard format — the first half would be questions that everyone would answer, with the second half being questions tailor-made for the subject. The Kittysneezes interviews will follow the same format, though the questions of the first half have been tweaked — there are some new questions from this interview, and some questions that have been dropped. At Kittysneezes, there hasn’t been a set schedule for interviews, though I hope that it will be more frequent than TODCRA’s schedule (slated for monthly, ended up being never).

This first interview is with K. Thor Jensen, Cartoonist, Artist, Musician and faux 14-year-old-girl.  The interview was conducted during March and April of 2004, and as such, some things have changed. The biggest being that his graphic novel Red Eye, Black Eye has just been published by Alternative Comics (which has excellent distribution — I picked my copy up in a Barnes & Noble!); at the time, it was running on the Serializer website. He’s also currently playing bass in Music For Girls. Amber Forever is still online, though it hasn’t been updated for a few years. The best way to keep tabs on Thor is via his website, A Short And Happy Life. His work has appeared in The Stranger, Pulse Magazine, and lots of comics anthologies and self-published comics, among other work. Here is Thor’s online store, or you can purchase his outstanding Red Eye, Black Eye via Amazon.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that given the age, not all of the links will still work.  I’ve tried to update where I could, though.  So here we go!

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