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Review: Sinister Whisperz

51bPwSn8B9L._SL500_AA300_I’m a bit bummed that I only found out about the most recent My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult tour (with Lords of Acid!) via this awesome Popshifter review of their live show… a couple days after they played Seattle.  D’oh!  At least, though, I’ve got the next best thing — a copy of their new collection Sinister Whisperz: The Wax Trax! Years (1987-1991).  This isn’t merely a best-of, though it looks like that from the back cover… though the track selection doesn’t do anything to dissuade that notion.  Classics like “Do U Fear (For Your Child?)”, “A Daisy Chain 4 Satan” and “Kooler than Jesus” are all represented.  Don’t worry — it’s not one of those lame “Greatest Hits Re-recorded!” things either.

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Things That Are Neat: Those Sparkly Things In Street Pavement!

Rhodochrosite Pyrite and Black Mica
Rhodochrosite Pyrite and Black Mica (Photo credit: Orbital Joe)

I don’t know if anyone really knows what I’m really talking about here.  Has anyone noticed when you’re out walking in, say, the downtown of a city, and you look into the street, especially when there’s very little traffic or anything, and the street’s actually kind of sparkly?  Like there’s these little flecks in there that catch the light just so?

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An Unpopular Proposal

English: $4.06 Gas Prices, Lewiston, Maine, Cu...
English: $4.06 Gas Prices, Lewiston, Maine, Cumberland Farms. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Walking downtown, I noticed that gas prices are on the rise again — a few days ago they were around $2.63 a gallon, and now they’re around $2.75. (I’m sure our European readers are weeping in sympathy for us.) While they’re still not above the $3.00 mark, I expect to start hearing the outrage shortly. Continue reading

DVD Review: Negativland: Our Favorite Things

Mark Hosler (Negativland) + me
Mark Hosler (Negativland) + me (Photo credit: Chuckumentary)

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It’s probably pretty obvious, at least to those who know me, that I’m a pretty huge Negativland fan. I’ve got loads of their posters in my room at home, pretty much everything they ever put out (a notable exception is a real copy of the U2 single, but, hey, I’ve got the music and the incredibly extensive “bootleg” release These Guys Are from England and Who Gives a Shit), and, well, basically I just think the world of them and their work.

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Interview: ’63 Burnout

Trouble_At_The_Speedway_-_63_BurnoutThom Beckman, Jim Freeman and Rodd Karp are a local, Seattle-area band called ’63 Burnout who do what they term Instro ROCK (“ROCK”, deservedly, with all-caps). Their sound combines elements of surf and rockabilly, and, well, their new record, Trouble At The Speedway is pretty dang bitchin’, if I do say so myself.

Of course, one recent record would be enough for most people — however, Jim ALSO just released a solo project for the holidays, Homeless For The Holidaze, a Christmas record that’s, well, above all else, really, really fun. And 25% of the proceeds go to homeless programs.

As a fan of both local music and instrumental rock music, I really dig their stuff — and luckily with the Internet, you don’t need to be in town to be able to hear them or pick up their record. Both Trouble At The Speedway and Homeless For The Holidaze are available for purchase at CDBaby, as well as through the band themselves from their websites, as well as the usual host of online music stores. Continue reading

Review: Bayani

Cover of

Cover of Bayani

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The Scholars, or The Blue Scholars to those of you that don’t call the 206 home are Seattle’s long hyped and only recent claim to Hip Hop fame. They are emcee Geologic & producer/instrumentalist Sabzi and with this record — “Bayani” — they are aiming for underground acclaim. They escaped the northwest and signed a distribution deal with the revived 90s heavyweight Rawkus Records and dropped their first album since Saba saw success with Ra Scion as Common Market.

That is now; let’s take it back a little. The Scholars hold many firsts for me. They were the opening act at the first concert I saw in Seattle (De La Soul October 04 — what up Meli?), they were the first local group I bought a CD from once I called the city my home and the first group from Seattle that I sent back to my home in Oregon for friends to check out. Those were the good old days. Things were simpler then. Today things have changed.

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