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Film Review: The Life Of Reilly

The Life of Reilly

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Charles Nelson Reilly is pretty amazing. If you don’t agree — I would argue that you don’t know who he is. He’s perhaps most known for being hilarious on Match Game or perhaps as Hoodoo in Lidsville, but he was a renowned actor, director and teacher as well. And he just seemed like a really cool person, too — someone I always wanted to meet.

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Film Review: Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story

Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story
Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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One of the great things about Seattle is the opportunities to see rare films. We’ve got the Seattle International Film Festival, one of the greatest film festivals in the country, The Grand Illusion, which shows great classic and obscure films every week, and the Northwest Film Forum/WigglyWorld, which not only has a couple of movie houses, but also rents equipment for people to make their own films. For a film person, Seattle is pretty awesome – especially since this is only the beginning of film-related venues and events; there’re lots more that I haven’t mentioned here.

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Film Review: Save The Green Planet!

Cover of "Save The Green Planet"
Cover of Save The Green Planet

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It’s really rare that you find a perfect movie — one that’s just perfectly written and directed. There’s a handful, though, and it’s a special thrill when you find one where you can honestly say “There is no way this could be done better.” I think Dr. Strangelove is one, Harold and Maude is close. I’m not sure necessarily sure if it definitely is (I’ve only seen it twice so far, so perhaps on the fiftieth viewing, I might think of something), but Save The Green Planet is definitely a contender.

A while ago, I saw a review [Warning: Quite A Lot Of Spoilers!] of it that intrigued me; I figured it’d either be great, or a cool idea done horribly. Luckily for me, about six months after reading it, the Seattle International Film Festival showed it — technically the last film of the Festival (If I recall, another film playing a couple hours earlier “Closed” the festival; Save The Green Planet! screened the midnight of the last night… unfortunately, after the award ballots were due). So, I bought tickets for me and two of my best friends, and we all went down to the theater that night, crossing our fingers that it wouldn’t turn out to be the latter type of film.
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