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Selected Memories of a Scott McCaughey Concert from 7 years ago.

A number of sand dollars on a seabed
A number of sand dollars on a seabed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scott and John Ramberg playing “Ghost Tarts of Stockholm”, including all of the Fa-fa-fafafa bits, which actually went for a pretty long time.

The song “Got You”, which is one of my favorites from “Let The War Against Music Begin”, and me realizing again for the first time as I do every time I listen to the song, how completely wonderful and beautiful the lyrics are. Like the lyrics about drawing her face in the sand with seashell eyes and sand dollar teeth. And it’s a picnic and a nightmare when you love someone. And the entire hole-in-the-leaf scene.
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Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3, 6/27/2009

English: Steve Wynn performing with at the Tra...
English: Steve Wynn performing with at the Tractor, Ballard, Seattle, Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Saturday, 27 June, I saw a concert by Steve Wynn and his band, the Miracle 3, at the Bell House in Brooklyn. Before I attended this show, I did not really know anything about Steve Wynn. I was aware that he had collaborated with Scott McCaughey, one of my personal favorite musicians, but I had not even heard said collaborationalt. So I was essentially starting from a blank slate. I must say, however, that I enjoyed the show. The music was fun and catchy rock, played in a fairly straightforward fashion, and Steve was a very confident and charismatic performer.
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The Top 10 Songs Ever Recorded

Zappa testifies before the US Senate, 1985

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These are the top ten songs — in no particular order save for number one — ever recorded by anyone. If a song is not on the list, it undoubtedly was a good try, however, I feel your pain. None of the songs I wrote were ever even in the running. But those are the breaks, and here they are. The Top Ten Songs Ever.

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