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Stupid Ideas I Haven’t Done: DEVO Cats

Jingle Cats - Meowy Christmas!!!
Jingle Cats – Meowy Christmas!!! (Photo credit: Mr. Greenjeans)

Like everyone, I tend to come up with a lot of ideas that I never get around to doing. Sometimes, it’s because they’re pretty stupid ideas. So, in order to do something with them, I’m throwing them out here. If anyone wants to make these stupid ideas a reality, go for it!

Stupid Idea:  You know those Christmas records where they do Christmas records with dog barks or cat meows?  Usually they’re credited to the Jingle Dogs or the Jingle Cats?  And the early one was done with actual tape splicing and stuff where they have the actual dog barks and noises that are in the actual right notes, so that’s kinda cool, but they’ve done more recent ones where it’s just a sampling keyboard, so it’s kind of cheating?  But even though it’s sorta neat from a technical aspect, it’s still pretty damned annoying anyway? Continue reading

Interview: Joshua Fried/RADIO WONDERLAND

Photo of Joshua Fried by Stafford Smith
Photo of Joshua Fried by Stafford Smith

Joshua Fried is a composer known for doing innovative work that’s still very danceable.  He’s also done remixes including songs by They Might Be Giants and Chaka Khan.  In the 1980s, he was signed to Atlantic, which resulted in the 12” single “Jimmy Because (My Name Is)”.  Fried often has a technical element to his work too, including tape machines and headphones.  His current project is RADIO WONDERLAND, where Fried remixes live radio coming off a boombox using software he’s written plus the steering wheel of a Buick and drum pads made from shoes to control the samples.  If you’d like to see him explain his setup and the RADIO WONDERLAND process, this is a fascinating 10 minute video.  Joshua Fried is currently crowdfunding the debut RADIO WONDERLAND album — you can donate via his USA Projects page, and not only support a great artist, but get some cool stuff out of the deal yourself!  Likewise, you can hear many examples of Fried’s work, RADIO WONDERLAND and not, via his Soundcloud.

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Interview: Tim Quirk and Jay Blumenfield of Wonderlick and Too Much Joy

wonderlick (Photo credit: lokeswari)

Tim Quirk and Jay Blumenfield were one half of Too Much Joy — or, rather, still are, as the band’s never officially broken up. However, while Too Much Joy lays dormant, they’ve formed a new band, Wonderlick. Wonderlick’s first album came out in 2002, and their second album, Topless At The Arco Arena is coming out July 7th on Missing Piece/Rock Ridge Music. When they’re not making awesome records, Jay produces and directs TV projects and music videos, and Tim is the VP of Music Programming at Rhapsody. They’re both super nice guys and agreed to this interview, where we talk about music, books, copyright and taco night.

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