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Review: It’s Fate…

Cover of It's Fate...
Cover of It’s Fate…

I have a very large soft-spot for synthy dance pop, and Touché definitely massage that soft spot and make a nice little divot in there suitable for holding small items like candy or tchotchkes.  Hm.  That came out weird.  But my point is, Touché’s new album It’s Fate… is great.  The leading track and single “I’m A Man Not A Machine” grabbed me, but the album just kept doing that.   Continue reading

Review: Amazon Women From Space

Amazon Women From Space EP Cover ArtAmazon Women From Space is the new EP from H3rwig Maurer’s New World Revolution is a collection of unreleased tracks dating as far back as 2000, right after the demise of the Mankind Liberation Front.  Maurer says that the reason they weren’t released before this is that he “never felt fully aligned with the lyrical content, basically kind embarrassed about some of it” — but fan interest drove him to finally release them while he continues work on the upcoming NWR full-length Operation of the Sun.  Honestly, he doesn’t have anything to worry about — whether or not he’s a fan of the lyrics, the music is strong — and something that should make everyone excited for the new LP. Continue reading

Music Video Treatments: Chores

English: Pile of bricks. Français : Un tas de ...
English: Pile of bricks. Français : Un tas de briques. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A band goes around helping out people by doing their chores with the Power Of Rock. For example, the band comes upon a guy trying to get a bucket of bricks or something to the second floor of his house, through a pulley, but it’s kinda heavy, so it’s a little difficult.
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Book Review: King Dork

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Cover of King Dork

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As most people know, there’?s a recent young adult novel that has made it to the top of a lot of folks? reading lists, even those who aren?t actually young adults. It?s already been optioned for a movie for a major studio, and it?s gotten a lot of write ups in magazines that wouldn’?t normally cover any books, let alone YA novels. It features a young misfit and his trials and tribulations finding love and fighting evil.

With his made-up rock bands.

King Dork, the first book by Frank Portman (a/k/a Dr. Frank from the Mr. T Experience, a pop-punk band that if you don?’t know, you really need to familiarize yourself with posthaste; I recommend starting with Love Is Dead) has gotten quite a bit of ink. I even saw a feature in Entertainment Weekly; amusing, since not only do they not usually cover young adult books, but his band, arguably more famous than most debut authors, never got a mention or record review before. But, hey, whatever works.

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