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Drabbles: Pain

Daisies And Drops
Daisies And Drops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Handful of Daisies

She tossed her bouquet of daisies into the water, watching the ripples radiating from it as it drifted away. She had already tossed another handful onto his casket, but she thought it was only right to only bring them to the place where life had left him. She wondered what he had been thinking as the water pushed into his lungs. She wondered what it was like to hurt so much you thought that was the right thing. The daisies gently bobbed. Then, just like that, she felt a cool, unseen but solid hand in hers. She was not afraid. Continue reading

Review: The Animatrix

The Animatrix: The Album
The Animatrix: The Album (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I watched The Animatrix, it was because my dad rented it; of course, this statement shouldn’t be taken as meaning that I didn’t want to see it – after all, I was planning on seeing it at SIFF, but it was pretty much immediately sold out. And I like The Matrix. And that includes the sequels. It doesn’t include the games, though, but only because I never played them. I’ve heard they were good, but I got burned before on the computer game adaptation of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (Well, and the game adaptation of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, but not nearly as badly as on Bill and Ted), so, y’know, I learned my lesson.

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