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Review: Air

Cover of Air
Cover of “Air” by Ducky

I’ve not looked up any other reviews of Ducky’s music, but I’m assuming there is a non-zero number of them that refers to her music as “just ducky!”, which makes me want to scream because that is quite possibly the hackiest thing that could be written, with the possible exception of loading the review down with other duck puns.  If there aren’t any “just ducky!” reviews it’s because, if her brand new single “Air” (released July 16) is any indication, she’s way too awesome to sully with such silliness.   Continue reading

Interview: Joshua Fried/RADIO WONDERLAND

Photo of Joshua Fried by Stafford Smith
Photo of Joshua Fried by Stafford Smith

Joshua Fried is a composer known for doing innovative work that’s still very danceable.  He’s also done remixes including songs by They Might Be Giants and Chaka Khan.  In the 1980s, he was signed to Atlantic, which resulted in the 12” single “Jimmy Because (My Name Is)”.  Fried often has a technical element to his work too, including tape machines and headphones.  His current project is RADIO WONDERLAND, where Fried remixes live radio coming off a boombox using software he’s written plus the steering wheel of a Buick and drum pads made from shoes to control the samples.  If you’d like to see him explain his setup and the RADIO WONDERLAND process, this is a fascinating 10 minute video.  Joshua Fried is currently crowdfunding the debut RADIO WONDERLAND album — you can donate via his USA Projects page, and not only support a great artist, but get some cool stuff out of the deal yourself!  Likewise, you can hear many examples of Fried’s work, RADIO WONDERLAND and not, via his Soundcloud.

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Review: Sinister Whisperz

51bPwSn8B9L._SL500_AA300_I’m a bit bummed that I only found out about the most recent My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult tour (with Lords of Acid!) via this awesome Popshifter review of their live show… a couple days after they played Seattle.  D’oh!  At least, though, I’ve got the next best thing — a copy of their new collection Sinister Whisperz: The Wax Trax! Years (1987-1991).  This isn’t merely a best-of, though it looks like that from the back cover… though the track selection doesn’t do anything to dissuade that notion.  Classics like “Do U Fear (For Your Child?)”, “A Daisy Chain 4 Satan” and “Kooler than Jesus” are all represented.  Don’t worry — it’s not one of those lame “Greatest Hits Re-recorded!” things either.

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A Completely Hypothetical Genesis of the Residents’ WB:RMX album

Cover of "Wb: Rmx"

Cover of Wb: Rmx

Picture this scenario:

The Residents made up the existence of The Warner Brothers Album as just another piece of their mythology. They did the artwork for the reel box and maybe even threw in a blank reel, or maybe just some odds and ends on the tape. But nothing was actually ever sent to Warner Bros., or even intended to be an album, or even anything that’s supposed to be a song. They just forged the rejection letter from the A&R man. They just had a quick physical artifact so, if asked, they could go “Oh, yeah, that’s it over there. No, you can’t listen to it. We’re ashamed of that stage of our development.” Something they could let Renaldo be photographed with.

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DVD Review: Sound Mirrors: Videos & Remixes

Sound Mirrors
Sound Mirrors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Last year’s Sound Mirrors was an outstanding album. Coldcut have long been among the best producers/DJs/whathaveyou, and while Sound Mirrors was quite a different turn — I often described it as a record by a band with the same guys as Coldcut, but a completely different band that just happened to have the same name — it’s an excellent turn. It’s more pop-based — similar to things folks like Dangermouse have been doing — and just as good, if not better in some cases.

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