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The Residents Project Supplemental Edition: Talking Light: Bimbo’s DVD

Talking Light: Bimbo's
Talking Light: Bimbo’s

I’m glad to report that the era of terrible Residents live videos is OVER!  I think I’ve talked about it before, but for the longest time, it seemed that we were doomed to not have a good document of a Residents’ live concert.  My go to is when I saw them on the Demons Dance Alone tour, and it was one of the best shows I’d ever seen in my life…. but when the Demons Dance Alone DVD came out, it was one of the worst DVDs I’d seen — terrible, muddy audio, grainy footage taken from backstage — so the main video of an amazingly theatrical show was of the backs of guitar necks.   Continue reading

Review: Randy’s Ghost Stories

stacks_image_1153-ghoststoriesdvdcoverRandy, Chuck and Bob are at it again — the Residents’ most recent DVD release, Randy’s Ghost Stories is another must-have from the Talking Light project.  The Talking Light tour is mostly a greatest-hits type of set with stories interspersed throughout.  The stories are all projected on a set of screens behind the Residents playing a live musical backing — each show has different stories from the main set — usually about three out of the set of eight total stories.  (For example, mine had “Talking Light”, “The Ghost Snake” and “The Unseen Sister” — I think the first and last of these might be at every show.)

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