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Kitties and Puppies!

A kitten opens its eyes for the first time
A kitten opens its eyes for the first time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The kittens played in the park. They liked the park, and the park liked them, or at least it would if parks could like things. It had been rumored that they could, and if the rumors were true, then this particular park liked these kittens. One of the kittens was grey and the other was one of those black and white jobs, all cute and adorable and basically everything you’d expect a kitten to be. They jumped and frolicked and played and did all sorts of things that kittens do, as these were very obviously professional kittens, having been in the position for some time now. In fact, they both felt they were due for a raise any time now, although neither wanted to ask their boss, since they felt that it might be a little forward and put themselves in a precarious position. Anyway, if they were fired, they didn’t know where exactly they’d go from there, and so they felt that it was best not to rock the boat and continue to be kittens that were perhaps slightly underpaid than unemployed, and that’s a very sensible attitude to take. Continue reading

Things That Are Neat: Dogs!


Image by RevMe via Flickr

A lot of people have been talking smack about dogs lately, and I’m here to set the record straight.  Dogs are awesome, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar and a fool and probably not that nice a guy.  So, yeah, forget those people.  They suck.  But if this isn’t enough proof for you, HERE! Here are the top three reasons Dogs are AWESOME.
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