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Why I Love Sparks (In Five Songs)

English: Sparks in London, November 1972; Ron ...
English: Sparks in London, November 1972; Ron Mael, Jim Mankey, Harley Feinstein, Russell Mael, Earle Mankey Nederlands: Sparks (band) in London, November 1972. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by Domenica Clark

For beginners to the decades-spanning career of Sparks, their seminal art-baroque-glam-pop Kimono My House has been often noted as the obvious place to start.  Kimono is super pop-y, accessible and has classic stompers such as “Amateur Hour” and “Talent is an Asset”.  After you’ve found that you enjoy Kimono and are ready to graduate to higher Mael plains, I would suggest mostly looking to their pre and post-Kimono output, most notably their albums Indiscreet and A Woofer in Tweeter’s Clothing.  While Kimono is by far their most accessible album, there are albums and songs that truly illuminate what makes them so darn special in rock music history.  The Mael brothers’ output is notable for their acerbic, witty lyrics and clever songwriting.  The following songs are some of their most wild and unusual and highlight why they are (often) great. Continue reading

Review: Propaganda

Cover of "Propaganda"

Cover of Propaganda

Who don’t love Sparks?  I suppose the folks who don’t know who Sparks are might not love Sparks, but that’s only because of plum ignorance.  But REST EASY, reader — we’re here to set you straight by reviewing ALL the Sparks records — and not just by one, but TWO (and maybe occasionally MORE!) Die-Hard Sparks Fan Reviewers.  We shall be your guide into the wonderful world of Mael.  Check it out!

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