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Haley Pharo – Prisoner

Haley Pharo’s new music video for “Prisoner” from her self-titled debut is a great little slice of electronic pop music.  Her record’s produced by Andrew Dawson, and this song was co-written with King Logan. (Pharo and Logan have also co-written a two other cuts from the record.)

I love the sparseness of the track, and I’m always a sucker for space imagery as well. Space is magnificent.  If you’re in the mood for some cool pop music that’s a little bit different than the stuff that’s on the radio, but still undeniably pop, check this out! Continue reading

Review: The Nelories, or, The Greatest Band You’ve Never Heard***

Mellow Yellow Fellow Nelories
Mellow Yellow Fellow Nelories

I talk to a good number of people who are into indie* music, and am always thrilled to find others who are fans of the more obscure bands I enjoy. There is one band, however, that I find to be less well-known than any other: The Nelories**. Continue reading

Music & Gender

Seattle, WA -- Exile in Guyville 15th Anniv Re...

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One of the things I’ve always been interested in is pop music. Well, that should be obvious, don’t you think? I mean, really — it’s probably less an interest than an obsession. But that’s all right, too. However, one of the other things I’ve been interested in is the use of language and social constructs, like how society views gender and all that kind of happy stuff. The cultural aspects of that kind of thing. And, well, since I’m an American Pop Music Consumer, when I’m talking or thinking about “culture”, I’m typically thinking of what Fancy-Pants Guys The World Over term “low” culture. Which us non-Fancy-Pants Guys The World Over call “pop culture” or “awesome stuff like movies or records and, like, stuff”.

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