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DVD Review – Brian Wilson: Songwriter 1962-1969

Cover of DVDBrian Wilson: Songwriter 1962-1969 might be the best straight-to-dvd music documentary I’ve seen. Of course, that might not be the biggest compliment, as I’ve only watched a few and these things tend to be relatively shoddy productions. However, the production quality of this one is relatively high, and for fans of Wilson and/or The Beach Boys it’s well worth watching. Continue reading

Review: Music For The Fire


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This is the first true People Like Us album I’ve listened to — Vicki Bennett, who is PLU, has always been on my periphery, though.  I’d mostly known her for involvement with WFMU and the only album of hers I had listened to was the remix album Hate People Like Us.  Listening now to her brand new album with Wobbly, Music For The Fire, I can now tell that remix album isn’t a great representative of her work, which does stand to reason.  Likewise, I tend to think of Wobbly’s solo work as a bit more on the experimental side of found sound (if an already experimental genre can have an experimental side) — more Otomo Yoshihide, less Bran Flakes. Music For The Fire, though, is very musical and melodic; it even comes with a lyric sheet, put together from the vocal samples.

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Review: We Are The Pipettes

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The Pipettes are your new God.

That’s really all you need to know to buy their first album. But some of you out there might be Pipette Atheists or just Pipette Agnostics, so as a Pipette Evangelical, it is my duty to steer you to our tri-polka-dot-dressed Lord. Or Lady. Or Ladies. Or whatever. Holy Trinity? Continue reading