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Interview: Pogo

The pseudonymous artist Pogo has become a bit of an Internet sensation with his amazing sample-based music and videos. Many of them take clips from beloved children’s films, creating beats from slivers of score and dialogue to create really great dance music; Pogo’s work can stand with the best of the genre. He’s got several compilations of music available for free download at MySpace and Last.fm, and he’s also done a really cool original short “Out With It“. If you’ve never seen any of Pogo’s videos before, take a look. After you’re done being gobsmacked, come back here and read this interview I conducted with him. I’ll wait.
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Funny Humor Joke

So, there’s this big shot talent agent. He’s got a great reputation. He manages most of the really huge acts and almost any newcomer he takes on becomes a huge star in a matter of months. He’s got great connections and a great eye for what the people want.

Needless to say, he’s often besieged by potential clients wanting him to choose them and take them to fame and stardom. In fact, he had so many people wanting to get an audition with him that if he saw everyone, he wouldn’t have time to do anything else. However, the agent realized that he could always use new acts and that it’d be a little selfish to not spread his gift around with folks who could possibly deserve it. As such, shortly after he started getting swamped, the agent set a new policy where one day a week, on Tuesdays, he would devote half of his day, from 9am to lunch (which he preferred to take at 12.30, but could go as late as 1.15 if he wasn’t particularly hungry that day) to screening new acts.

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