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Review: Amazon Women From Space

Amazon Women From Space EP Cover ArtAmazon Women From Space is the new EP from H3rwig Maurer’s New World Revolution is a collection of unreleased tracks dating as far back as 2000, right after the demise of the Mankind Liberation Front.  Maurer says that the reason they weren’t released before this is that he “never felt fully aligned with the lyrical content, basically kind embarrassed about some of it” — but fan interest drove him to finally release them while he continues work on the upcoming NWR full-length Operation of the Sun.  Honestly, he doesn’t have anything to worry about — whether or not he’s a fan of the lyrics, the music is strong — and something that should make everyone excited for the new LP. Continue reading

Interview: H3rwig Maurer

Cover of "Automind"

Cover of Automind

H3rwig Maurer is a pretty cool guy with talent to spare. He’s a musician, producer (as Smack3000), composer, sound editor for films (including The Passion of the Christ, Apocalypto, and K-PAX, as well as providing scores for Hate Crime, Zen & Zero and episodes of C.S.I. among scores of others), graphic designer and photographer — and he’s probably got more things brewing that I don’t even know about. One of his first bands that got some notoriety was the Mankind Liberation Front, with Ran Pink (and later with Ran’s brother Tal), who had one — unfortunately unreleased outside of promo copies — self-titled album on RCA, and a followup, Automind, on Reality Entertainment. H3rwig’s new musical project is New World Revolution, and his new CD (and 50-page comic book, created with James Mathers) is available now via CD Baby, and the music-only is available as digital downloads via SnoCap.

P.S. — He’s totally right about The Filth.

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