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World Premiere Music Video: “Glass Chocolate” by Nelories

nelories glass chocolate 1990 demo ep
Cover art to the ‘1990 Demo EP’ release

We here at Kittysneezes are big fans of the Japanese duo Nelories. A few years back, we posted a review of their first album titled “The Nelories, or, The Greatest Band You’ve Never Heard” and we stand by that descriptor. However — you can now fix one of those problems. We’re proud to share the world premiere of the brand new Nelories video, “Glass Chocolate.” Continue reading

Review: The Nelories, or, The Greatest Band You’ve Never Heard***

Mellow Yellow Fellow Nelories
Mellow Yellow Fellow Nelories

I talk to a good number of people who are into indie* music, and am always thrilled to find others who are fans of the more obscure bands I enjoy. There is one band, however, that I find to be less well-known than any other: The Nelories**. Continue reading