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The Fingertips Project: Heart Attack

Shrinky-dink: Myocardial infarction
Shrinky-dink: Myocardial infarction (Photo credit: St. Murse)

Oh, how are you doing today? I’m OK, can’t really complain. Seem to be having a minor myocardial infarction — nothing too big. My left arm has gone numb, but that’s OK. Nothing too awfully bad — I’m right handed anyway. Hey, I can’t feel how my watchband pinches so that works out, am I right? My chest feels a little tight, but it could just be my sweater — I think it’s shrunk a little in the wash, or at least that’s what I tell my wife, heh heh. Having a little bit of a difficult time breathing, too — heh, breathin’ hard or hardly breathin’? But you know, just listen to me, a bundle of complaints, how are you doing?
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