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Interview: Paul B. Germain

2953366642_a971c95fcd_mPaul B. Germain is a fantastic documentarian.  His first feature, Speedy Delivery, is a look at David Newell, Director of Public Relations of Family Communications, Inc. — or, as you might know him better, Mr. McFeely, the jovial delivery man from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.  The film is also proof — if you needed any — that both Mr. Newell and Mr. Rogers are exactly as kind and loving in real life as they are on television.  Paul’s film is amazing, and is wonderful for anyone who grew up with the Neighborhood, or, in other words, just about all of us.  I was very glad I could meet Paul — another kind and loving man — and talk to him about his excellent film, and I can’t wait for his upcoming projects!

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