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Crush On Radio – I Return!

Cover of "Oh No It's Devo"
Cover of Oh No It’s Devo

The new season of Crush on Radio is a little bit different, featuring a one-on-one format — but on this episode, I return to the show to talk about Oh, No! It’s DEVO!  The entire episode is about that album, so check it out!  Yay! Continue reading

Review: DEVO – The Complete Truth about De-Evolution

Cover of "The Complete Truth About De-Evolution"
Cover of “The Complete Truth About De-Evolution

Sometimes, I find it odd that there were not more comprehensive collections of music videos by bands released during the Golden Age of DVD. Plenty were released, though they were largely cash-in budget titles, with little regard to quality, curation, or historical context. The music video collection occupies a space akin to the Greatest Hits album, with the extra requirement of demanding your eyes, as well as your ears. In this post-MTV era, the music video is best suited for YouTube over disc. Continue reading

Stupid Ideas I Haven’t Done: DEVO Cats

Jingle Cats - Meowy Christmas!!!
Jingle Cats – Meowy Christmas!!! (Photo credit: Mr. Greenjeans)

Like everyone, I tend to come up with a lot of ideas that I never get around to doing. Sometimes, it’s because they’re pretty stupid ideas. So, in order to do something with them, I’m throwing them out here. If anyone wants to make these stupid ideas a reality, go for it!

Stupid Idea:  You know those Christmas records where they do Christmas records with dog barks or cat meows?  Usually they’re credited to the Jingle Dogs or the Jingle Cats?  And the early one was done with actual tape splicing and stuff where they have the actual dog barks and noises that are in the actual right notes, so that’s kinda cool, but they’ve done more recent ones where it’s just a sampling keyboard, so it’s kind of cheating?  But even though it’s sorta neat from a technical aspect, it’s still pretty damned annoying anyway? Continue reading

Review: POLYSICS – 15th P

http___ec2.images_amazon.com_images_I_410_FxuGZqLThe first, and most important thing you need to know about POLYSICS new album, 15th P, is that it features a cover of the classic DEVO B-side, “Mecha-Mania Boy” with vocals by DEVO’s own Mark Mothersbaugh. Based on this alone, it is worth your time and money to at least get over to Amazon or iTunes and buy the album, or at least that track.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Thank you.

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A Brief Thought About Those Weird 1950s Reducing Machines

Vibrating belts
Vibrating belts (Photo credit: A.M. Kuchling)

Every so often, I just try to figure out exactly how they thought those 1950s Reducing Machines, the kind where you stand on it and a belt goes around and shakes your stomach, would actually, uh, work. Well, to be fair, the creators probably knew it was a scam right off, but how would you even pretend it wasn’t stupid?

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Most People Call Them Green Onions But They’re Really Scallions

Image via Wikipedia

Who don’t love Christmas?  Most of us, but as Wonderlick said, it’s nice to pretend.  Here’s another hypothetical mix CD, and it’s all Christmas Songs, since it’s getting to be that time of year again (unless you’re reading this later, like, in January. In which case, well, I guess it’s still getting to be that time of year again, just much, much more slowly.), and there’s a lot of awful Christmas records out, so perhaps there will be some on here that people can actually enjoy, huh? (Also: I think there should be a moratorium on Xmas Mix CDs with the Pogues‘ “Fairytale Of New York”, just because it’s basically the One Good Song Everyone Knows About Already. Though it is basically my favorite Xmas song ever.)

The title comes from a piece not actually on here:  “Yulenet (Christmas Dragnet)” by Stan Freberg.  Honestly that and his single “Green Chri$tma$” are both must-hear records, so you should seek them out right away.  They’re both wonderful.
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Forgotten Records: The Wipeouters – P’Twaaang!

wipeoutersWith the recent release of DEVO’s new album, Something for Everybody, it’s important not to lose sight of that two decade gap when new DEVO material was rarer than diamond encrusted, gold plated diamonds. In 2001, however, there was a slight glint of light in the darkness, a mysterious album by a band called The Wipeouters, headed up by Mark Mothersbaugh, and featuring some of the DEVO alumni. Was this the comeback we were waiting for? Was this DEVO under an assumed name, ready to assault our brains with more de-evolved weirdness? A preliminary tracer shot, in preparation for the main salvo, a new loud shot from the big spud gun?

In short, no.

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On the DEVO Song Study [Now With Song Streams!]

She-Vo's Smooth Noodle Maps DEVO Ring

Image by SansPoint via Flickr

Recently, DEVO, along with Warner Brothers, has deigned to give us listeners a chance to help them decide which twelve songs out of sixteen should go on the first new DEVO record in twenty years. This is no small task. Twenty years of anticipation, twenty years of hope, could potentially be shattered by weak material. And yet, one can’t imagine a band giving people a chance to attack sub-par material. As a certified Hardcore DEVOtee, right down to owning three different Energy Domes, I think I’m qualified to give a quick rundown and review of the material, and reveal my votes.
However, it’s not exactly cut-and-dry, either. We’re not getting full songs here. These are simply 30 second song clips, though some of the songs have been performed, demoed, or even given away for release in full, final form, before this study. For those songs I’ve heard the full versions of, I’m basing my review on that final release, or at least the demo/live performance.
Speaking of full versions, we’ve got two full-length song streams for you to listen to!



So, time to Step Up. Let’s Get To It. (Sorry.)


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The Internet, New Music, and the Guy From Duran Duran

Live in concert with Duran Duran. November 12,...
Live in concert with Duran Duran. November 12, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My friend Teresa recently shared an article with me by John Taylor, the bassist for Duran Duran, titled “Is the Internet Stifling New Music?“. It’s a pretty well-written article, and it’s brief, but the quick version is how Taylor’s concerned that today’s teenagers and younger music consumers aren’t interested in new music as they’ve got ready access to music from all eras.

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Watch Us Work It (Real Version)

This was recorded for the Not Necessarily Beautiful But Mutated: Volume 8 DEVO tribute compilation that was distributed at HARDCORE DEVOTIONAL 2009, a DEVO convention that occurred August 29, 2009. I wish Kittysneezes could have been there in person, but at least we were on the CD! The song was recorded over a rather long amount of time in Studio Kittysneezes, and finally finished in June of 2009. This is completely and utterly different than the “alternate version” posted earlier. Continue reading