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Interview: C.H. Greenblatt

Cartoon Network presenta a Chowder en Argentina
Cartoon Network presenta a Chowder en Argentina (Photo credit: sitemarca)

Hi there, my name is Joe Meyer, and I’m a cartoonist. This is my first real interview, so I’ll just tell you the story of how I got here (don’t worry; it’s a pretty cool story). Like many of you, I was enthralled by Chowder and its unique animation style, colorful cast of characters and vivid, humorous storytelling. Enter Matt, he runs this site. He became a Chowderhead recently, and he asked me, ME, if I wanted to interview the creator of Chowder, C.H. Greenblatt. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? So Matt set it up (bless his heart), and here we are. So by the end of this interview, you should know who makes an excellent chili pie and who makes a mean grilled cheese.

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