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Guilty Pleasures: Tammy Wynette

Tammy Wynette and the handmaidens of Mu in The...
Tammy Wynette and the handmaidens of Mu in The KLF’s video for “Justified & Ancient” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a Tammy Wynette fan. Most people assume this is because of her association with the KLF in the early 1990s; their song “Justified and Ancient” harkened back to her massive 1960s hit about submissiveness to men, “Stand by Your Man.” While I certainly can dig the KLF with Tammy, my obsession with Ms. Wynette started when I saw a fantastic documentary about her on the Ovation channel a while back…I think the documentary was done by the BBC circa 1985 – 1986. At the time she was starring on an awful soap opera called “Capitol,” and she was married to some shady guy who allegedly was just killing her with drugs and abuse.

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The Opposite of Smoke is Egg Whites

Diagram of CD layers. :A. A polycarbonate disc...
Diagram of CD layers. :A. A polycarbonate disc layer has the data encoded by using lands and pits. :B. A reflective layer reflects the laser back. :C. A lacquer layer is used to prevent oxidation :D. Artwork is screen printed on the top of the disc. :E. A laser beam reads the polycarbonate disc, is reflected back, and read by the player. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who don’t like hypothetical mix CDs? Nope — nothing better than a hypothetical mix CD, not at all! Nope! Can’t think of a thing! And the theme for this one is songs over 5 minutes!

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