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New At Unicorn Booty: New TDS Host Trevor Noah Kidnaps People for Comedy

videos-new-daily-show-host-trevor-noah-used-to-kidnap-talk-show-guests-thComedy Central announced today that 31-year-old Trevor Noah will take over as lead anchorman of The Daily Show when Jon Stewart leaves  later this year.  Noah’s got a great resume: he’s hosted a nightly show in his native homeland of South Africa, he’s done loads and loads of standup (check out his special African-American on Netflix), and he’s done lots of work in both radio and television.  So, you know, he’s a pretty strong and obvious choice for the satirical new program’s new host.

If you’ve ever seen his Daily Show segments, you already know about his friendly personality and biting satirical wit. But you might not know about his outstanding and sadly short-lived South African web-series, Fantasy Kidnap, a hilarious deconstruction of the talk show genre, where celebrities are kidnapped and forced to make small talk.

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Review: I Know I Am, But What Are You?

Samantha Bee’s long been one of my favorite Daily Show correspondents… which is more true than you may expect, since she’s been with the show forever.  I think the only person on there now who’s been on longer is Jon Stewart himself.  Anyway, being a fan of hers, I was excited to learn that she’d written a book.   It’s more a memoir than a book of printed routines, though since she’s not really a stand-up, that makes sense.
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Book Review: Frost/Nixon: Behind The Scenes Of The Nixon Interviews

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I’ve always found Richard Nixon an incredibly interesting figure — I think most Americans do. After all, he’s the only President to ever resign to avoid being impeached. Given that, Nixon is often thought of as a cartoon of evil; the President Nixon of Futurama isn’t too far removed from the idea most people have of Nixon… minus the giant battle mech for a body, of course.

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