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The Painful Threshold Episode 2: Kittens or Pie?

A kitten pie by Calamity Jon Morris
A kitten pie by Calamity Jon Morris

Check out episode 2 of The Painful Threshold!  The Painful Threshold is a brand new panel show where all the questions come from the Internet at large!  Anyone can send in questions questions  to the official show Tumblr, our Twitter account or our Facebook page!  This week, our panel is cartoonist Calamity Jon Morris, musician Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth of Bent Knee and Mr. Gavin’s Meat Farm, and zinestress Quinn Collard!  Below the cut are the show notes, complete with direct links to all the questions that have been asked in this episode!

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Comic Review: Jeremy

Cover of Jeremy[Purchase Book via Lulu]

Full disclosure here, folks — I’ve known Calamity Jon online for a few years now, and before I knew him, I did a piece on Gone & Forgotten, his Classic Comic Makin’ Fun Of Site, for my college TV station. Which was, man, probably back in 1999? Somethin’ like that. Maybe 2000? So, what I’m saying here is I’m probably a bit pre-disposed to like his work.

HOWEVER — I do like to think of myself as relatively fair-minded and that I would be honest about what I thought of the book regardless of whether or not I know the guy who wrote it. So, here goes.
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