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Review: The Suicide Cult

Suicide_Cult_-_coverIn the later 1970s, dozens upon dozens of ‘true-crime’ books flooded the shelves, riding a new wave of popularity and searching for their own fifteen minutes of fame. Kilduff and Javers, reporters for the San Francisco Chronicle, compiled their stories exposing charismatic religious leader Jim Jones (and his . . . well, Suicide Cult) into this addition to the field. Think Helter Skelter meets All The President’s Men. Continue reading

Forgotten Records: The Vapors – Magnets

Magnets (album)
Magnets (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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What do you do when you become an overnight, one-hit wonder with a bizarre song that is, allegedly, about masturbation? If you’re The Vapors, you go back into the studio and record a concept album about heartbreak, cult leaders, and the assassinations the Kennedys. The Vapors first album, New Clear Days was far from the upbeat, quirky pop that the big single would seem to suggest, but Magnets, their followup left behind almost any attempt at being misinterpreted as a silly pop band. Not surprisngly, it got lost. A shame, as it’s actually even better than New Clear Days highest points.

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