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Kate Nash – Fri-End?

I really enjoy Kate Nash‘s music — from her first piano-based album Made of Bricks, to the more 60s-girl-groupy My Best Friend Is You, and her newest album, Girl Talk, which is a bit more of a punky vein.  The new single from Girl Talk is “Fri-End?”, and here’s a retro-inspired video clip for the song, featuring many different colored Kates.  And when you’re done with that, pick up Girl Talk.  It’s real good.  (My Best Friend Is You is also really good, but I think got an unfair shake critically, since folks were probably expecting Made of Bricks Part II.  I know I was… but I was pleasantly surprised and dug it quite a bit on its own merits.) Continue reading

Review: MC Breath – The Mysterious Stranger

a3428065905_10MC Breath is from Providence, Rhode Island, and his third album The Mysterious Stranger is a good introduction to his rapping and sampling skills — and not just because it’s available for free download. MC Breath has a great flow, but is amazing at sampling.  He’s great at recontextualizing the samples, and making them feel natural.  While an artist like Girl Talk can sometimes feel like a parlor trick, MC Breath’s samples are there to serve his songs — and they’re woven in perfectly.   Continue reading