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Review: Black Mirror

Black_Mirror_1My latest British sci-fi obsession on Netflix Instant is Black Mirror, a dark science-fiction anthology series that recently added its second season to Netflix Instant.

Black Mirror is like The Twilight Zone, brought forward to the age of social media and smart phones. Most of the stories are set in a very recognizable near future, with one or two tricky technologies that have evolved from current technology and subtly broken the society in “chaf”Charlie some way. The first episode, “The National Anthem,” could easily take place today, with characters inspired by Kate Middleton and British PM David Cameron. “Fifteen Million Merits” is the furthest afield. It seems to take place after an energy crisis that reshaped society into Brave New World plus The X-Factor, gamification, and porn ad pop-ups. Continue reading

Book Review: Love All The People

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Bill Hicks often seems to be a comedian where you either don’t know who he is, love him, or absolutely hate him. There’s rarely much middle ground. And, well, I think Bill Hicks himself was more-or-less fine with that — or at least the last two. The first was long a source of frustration, which is perfectly understandable. At least, however, he was a star in the UK, even if his own home country never seemed to know what to make of him. (And later embraced Denis Leary, who ripped him off wholesale and watered him down. A joke I heard but wish I’d made up: Q: Why is Denis Leary famous? A: No cure for cancer.)

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