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Image by Andk1987 via Flickr

A blank sheet of paper, and a stubby pencil were all he had at this point. He should have brought a spare pencil. Didn’t his mother, or his teacher, or someone say something about space pencils? There was no pencil sharpener in the room. He sighed and looked at the writing prompt once again. Meaningless tripe, to be sure, but essential to his academic success. Essential, in the sense that if he went off topic, his standardized test score would be nil, and he could kiss any decent college good-bye.

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Gerbil - Burmese

Image by benmckune via Flickr

The girl I like who works at the old person’s home where I also work is giant and almost always wears green, and I don’t mean that I like her in a sexual way, because she is a giant human person and I am a gerbil, and it feels strange even having to say that because you clearly can like someone without it being anything more, but the phrase “the girl I like” obviously has a hidden layer of meaning so that if you say it what people hear isn’t “the girl I like” but “the girl I like-like”, with some kind of emphasis on the first “like” that it is impossible to adequately show in the printed word with its tiresome and limited old collection of typographic adjectives like bolding and italicising and underlining and whatnot. I just like this girl, who is giant even to the other withered old humans, who is taller than them and wider than them and heavier than all of them and wears green so that she hears laughter every single time she brings them sweetcorn, but I do not laugh since – although I lack a true understanding of the human condition – I do know what it is to feel pain and to feel as though everyone looks down on you. Also, I like sweetcorn, and I lack the ability to laugh.
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Review: Super Scribblenauts

Super Scribblenauts
Super Scribblenauts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scribblenauts was one of my favorite games of last year, along with the Professor Layton games.  Scribblenauts had an absolutely brilliant concept — solving puzzles by writing things into existence — but, unfortunately, the controls made the game a bit more irritating than it should have been.  Even with that downfall, I still wanted MORE, so I’m happy that the brand new Super Scribblenauts provides MORE…. AND fixes the controls.

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Kittysneezes TV

While I know that the idea of “Appointment TV” is dying with the advent of Hulu (and BitTorrent),  and a lot of folks don’t even have a TV anymore, just watching everything online, I still like the idea of actually watching TV.  I don’t do it as often as I used to, as there’s just not a lot on that I like anymore.  Pretty much just Simpsons and Family Guy reruns, along with Futurama and Adventure Time for new stuff so far — I just don’t watch as much as I used to.  But I do like the idea of flipping through the channels and it’s always great when you can stumble across something.

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“Islands of Consciousness”

Every time you visit this site, you’ll see a different randomly-generated “movie” composed of Flickr photos loaded in real time, with a generative-music soundtrack. It’s really fascinating if you’re into surrealism, dream imagery, or generative art.

There’s a full explanation on the site of how the audio and visuals occur; one cool feature is that each image loaded from Flickr has to share at least one tag with the image before it. This causes long sequences that seem to be “about” something, or at least share a common mood, location, or subject matter. Way too cool. Continue reading

The Talent Succubus


Image by RevMe via Flickr

If you are in a band, you must beware the Talent Succubus. The Talent Succubus will offer you many things, and even appear to deliver on those promises, but at great cost — such a cost that will never be recouped once the Talent Succubus has moved on to his next victim.


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Photos from LA!

I just got back from a week in LA! And I have brought pictures! I posted ’em at my Facebook account along with inane chatterings! Witness random animals, some of which I don’t know what they are! Me with celebrities! Or at least celebrities I like! People! And water!


Arr. That is stupid, but I found the problem. Apparently there is a “public link” for photographs, since, you know, if I’ve got a public profile and all, I wouldn’t want anyone to see my photographs or anything. ANYWAY, here are the links to the three trip albums:




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Lost America