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Review: Mindsploitation

Cover of Mindsploitation

I never thought that there could be a book adaptation of Final Flesh, but then Vernon Chatman follows that film up with Mindsploitation, which… kinda is.  With Final Flesh, he found a couple of porn studios that would let you write up your own 15-20 minute script and for a certain amount of money, they’d film it — so he wrote a few surrealist shorts to be shot, which he then edited into a film.  In Mindsploitation, the porn studios have been replaced by the oldest Internet profession: Companies that will do your homework for you.   Continue reading

Review: Final Flesh

9JZrSong-poems are super interesting.  They might not always be good (though there are some definite diamonds in the rough there), but it’s such an interesting concept, even if it IS mostly just a way to separate suckers from their money.  I’ve wondered about the song-poem model as applied to other media.  Though you might not expect it,

Final Flesh by Vernon Chatman (a member of PFFR and co-creator of Wonder Showzen and Xavier: Renegade Angel) is such an experiment.  As it turns out, there’s a company, Porn For The People (NSFW, if you couldn’t guess) that does the porn short equivalent of song poems.  You write them a script, they shoot it and send a video back to you.  The idea seems to be for folks with odd kinks to be able to have their kinks fulfilled.  That said, I seriously doubt that Final Flesh is an exploration of Chatman’s sexual fantasies.

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