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Review: Strange Overtones

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I’m very anal about how I organize my music. It’s a simple system: Albums are organized by artist, and by date of release. If an album is by a artist with a proper name, say, David Byrne, it gets sorted under the last name. I even do this with MP3s. I am anal. This system is easily stymied by artist collaborations. Take for example this new single by David Byrne and Brian Eno. Does it go under “B”? Does it go under “E”? Or does it go under “D”? The traditional methodology is to alphebatize by the first name in the list, so… “B” then, right? Thing is, the last time David Byrne and Brian Eno collaborated on an album, the amazing My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, it was released with Eno’s name in front. With the parties the same, I’d like to keep these two things grouped, but I can’t because David Byrne is getting top billing here. What can I do?

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