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Review: The Wild EP

The Wild EP SleeveThe Wild is the new EP (and his third release overall) from Lewis Watson.  His previous EPs were called  It’s Got Four Sad Songs On It BTW and Another Four Sad Songs; despite the naming convention change, The Wild isn’t necessarily a change of theme.  The first track, “Into the Wild” has a bit of an uplifting feel, but the next track “It Could Be Better” dashes the narrator’s hopes. “Little Darling” isn’t much happier (despite the refrain of “Little Darling/You’re mine”), nor is “Hold On”.  Presumably the EP is called The Wild because Three More Sad Songs and One That’s Not Really That Sad doesn’t really have a good ring to it.  Of course, that’s not a bad thing for the listener — it’s really quite enjoyable. Continue reading

Interview: Mr. Gavin’s Meat Farm

Mr. Gavin is the proprietor of Mr. Gavin’s Meat Farm, a musical project that’s just released its first EP, Episode IV via a pay-what-you-want Bandcamp site.  Mr. Gavin’s EP has some really great stuff, including the song from the first video released from it, “The Guerrilla Girls Meet Bob Burns”.  He recently took some time to talk with Kittysneezes about his music, upcoming projects (including two future EPs — one of songs based on each of the Hellraiser movies, and one about his own anxiety issues), and Peter Gabriel videos that happened to scare each of us as young children. Continue reading

Review: Join Us Preview EP

Join_Us_PreviewAfter four solid years of waiting since their last “adult” (or, as I like to say, “real”) album, the more hardcore among the (notoriously rabid) They Might Be Giants fan community were so eager for anything from the band that even something less than stellar would likely have been lapped up with all the desperate eagerness of Oliver Twist begging for another helping of porridge, and (full disclosure), as one of the more infamously devoted among said community, I am undoubtedly particularly susceptible to this possibility. That being said, I believe I can safely say that the four advance tracks from this summer’s Join Us, released digitally this week, bode extremely well for the quality of that LP.

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EP: he is really bad at playing that song…

Hey, remember those Video 45s that Sony used to release in the early 80s? A VHS of about 3 or 4 music videos by an artist? Those were pretty cool; I almost wore out my Thomas Dolby and Blotto ones. So, for the holiday season, I put together a Kittysneezes Video 45! Except that it’s not put out by Sony and no VHS copies of it exist. Unless someone out there is bored enough to dump these to tape. In which case, more power to you, I suppose. Sure, the individual tracks have been issued over the past week and a half — but I didn’t reveal my master plan! Now, here is the Kittysneezes Video EP: he is really? bad at playing that song…

On this recording, Kittysneezes is:
Rev. Syung Myung Me: Vox, Guitar, Banjo, Keyboards, Drum Machine, Thingamagoop

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