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Review: The Second Throne

April Larson - The Second Throne
April Larson – The Second Throne

My best friend Peter and I have radically different tastes. I tend to listen to music that is skittish and unresolved. I like choppy melodies, disorienting time signature changes and often, when I’m feeling boisterous, a lively skank beat. Peter, contrariwise, loves slow, immersive ambient soundscapes, with deep, vibratory drones and hidden, slowly-emergent intricacies. The music I like, you have to speed up to listen to. The music Peter likes, you have to slow down. We’re both deeply anxious people and while I like my music to mirror and reflect my inner-state of anxiety, Peter likes his music to reflect the outer-state of the world, in order to better harmonise his inner-state. Continue reading

Review: Eskimeaux

The first sound on the self-titled album by Eskimeaux is a deep drone that sounds like it’s being played back from a 78 RPM shellac disc. It is soon joined by Gabrielle Smith’s vocals, layered on top with crystal clarity and multitracked harmonies at key lyrical points. Soon, church organ and occasional guitar feedback join in. When the rumbling drone cuts out in the song’s climax, the effect is startling, and yet feels organic and right, putting just the right amount of emphasis on the plaintive vocals detailing a story of escape into a cold night. The effect is a stunningly and appropriate opening to a series of songs musing on change—or the lack thereof. Continue reading