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Review: Weird Al: The Book

Weird Al The BookWhen “Weird Al” Yankovic was recording “Belvedere Cruising” in his home back in the 1970s, he probably never expected that he’d have a coffee-table book about him one day.  At least, I would hope not, as that would probably betray a strangely-specific form of narcissism on Al’s part.  If Al DID, though, I’d bet he’d expect one as good as Weird Al: The Book, by the AV Club’s Nathan Rabin.   Continue reading

Review: Shuckin’ the Jive

cover of Shuckin' the JiveIt’s generally a good sign when an album opens with a DEVO sample, at least in my eyes.  And Shuckin’ the Jive by Whitey and the Cadillac Franks opens with one of the screams from “Growing Pains”, so there you go.  If you want me to listen to your record, that’s a pretty good way of going about it.

It also helps if I know one of the people in the band — in this case, Joey Migeed, who’s chimed in on The Sparks Project and made this video for a Barnes & Barnes song that I posted to OST a while ago.  (Unfortunately, it doesn’t help that I AM lazy and that it took me about a year to sit down and review the album. Oops.)  So yeah, fair disclosure, I’m a friend of half the band, but as always, I try my best to be objective.  So there you go. Continue reading

Jeff Bridges… I Don’t Need No Jeff Bridges To Put Music To My Poem!

Jule Styne

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Here’s another hypothetical mix CD, this one called “Jeff Bridges… I Don’t Need No Jeff Bridges To Put Music To My Poem!” The title’s taken from one of my favorite Tom Goes To The Mayor episodes (though, really, they’re all pretty dang great), and the main idea of this mix is to expose people to bands or songs they might not know otherwise. None of the songs were chosen for ironic value; I tend to find all these songs very listenable, and hope others do as well. The songs worked themselves out into “sides” like an LP, although, length-wise, each “side” here would probably be about 2 sides of a real record, but since this is hypothetical, no one will mind.
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