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The Solution

English: Oak tree An Oak tree still without le...
English: Oak tree An Oak tree still without leaves despite the fine, sunny weather. A typical view of the lower Afon Gyffin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rita carefully folded her periwinkle sundress and placed it in the bottom drawer of her walnut dresser. She picked up the empty basket and returned it to the laundry room. She used to enjoy the ritual of exchanging her summer clothes for the sweaters and turtlenecks she used to fight the chill of autumn, but this time it, like seemingly everything lately, was making her a little sad.

It was only five o’clock, but already the day felt as if it had gone on far too long. Rita considered going to bed, but knew if she did her mother would nag her about the importance of keeping a regular sleep schedule. So instead she walked to the backyard and sat on the slab of concrete that tried unsuccessfully to pass as a porch. Continue reading

How To Be Lost

English: Abbey Wood There is a large stream at...
English: Abbey Wood There is a large stream at the bottom of the wood and due to the slope, much flooding at the bottom of this coppice. It is easy to get lost around here if you wander off the footpath. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is how it is going to happen.

You will wander further and further off the path of what your life was supposed to be until you are in an entirely alien landscape.

Old friends will form search parties, flashlights and bloodhounds and your name called over and over, but eventually they will give up and, before too long, your name will be in a foreign and forgotten tongue. Continue reading