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Interview: Dave Hughes, Creator of “Off The Air”

Off The AirDave Hughes has been an editor on a lot of your favorite shows — he’s worked on Beavis & Butthead, Squidbillies, Space Ghost: Coast 2 Coast — but his new show, Off The Air is absolutely amazing. I don’t even remember how I found out about it — I think I was poking around the [Adult Swim] website and disappeared in a rabbit hole and came out jabbering to all my friends about this amazing thing they’ve absolutely gotta see.  Dave created the show and curates every episode of the anthology-series-that’s-way-way-more-than-an-anthology-series, which airs on [Adult Swim] and full episodes are available on the [Adult Swim] website. Continue reading

Interview: Pogo

The pseudonymous artist Pogo has become a bit of an Internet sensation with his amazing sample-based music and videos. Many of them take clips from beloved children’s films, creating beats from slivers of score and dialogue to create really great dance music; Pogo’s work can stand with the best of the genre. He’s got several compilations of music available for free download at MySpace and Last.fm, and he’s also done a really cool original short “Out With It“. If you’ve never seen any of Pogo’s videos before, take a look. After you’re done being gobsmacked, come back here and read this interview I conducted with him. I’ll wait.
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