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Review: Shuckin’ the Jive

cover of Shuckin' the JiveIt’s generally a good sign when an album opens with a DEVO sample, at least in my eyes.  And Shuckin’ the Jive by Whitey and the Cadillac Franks opens with one of the screams from “Growing Pains”, so there you go.  If you want me to listen to your record, that’s a pretty good way of going about it.

It also helps if I know one of the people in the band — in this case, Joey Migeed, who’s chimed in on The Sparks Project and made this video for a Barnes & Barnes song that I posted to OST a while ago.  (Unfortunately, it doesn’t help that I AM lazy and that it took me about a year to sit down and review the album. Oops.)  So yeah, fair disclosure, I’m a friend of half the band, but as always, I try my best to be objective.  So there you go. Continue reading

Review: Derailroaded

An Evening with Wild Man Fischer

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I’ve been waiting 6 years for Derailroaded to come out on DVD, and I’m very happy to report that it finally has.  The only way it could be better is if it came out with the Frank Zappa-produced An Evening With Wild Man Fischer, but I don’t think we’ll see a reissue of that in my lifetime.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, Derailroaded is the documentary on outsider musician (and, honestly, great songwriter) Larry “Wild Man” Fischer. Continue reading

Most People Call Them Green Onions But They’re Really Scallions

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Who don’t love Christmas?  Most of us, but as Wonderlick said, it’s nice to pretend.  Here’s another hypothetical mix CD, and it’s all Christmas Songs, since it’s getting to be that time of year again (unless you’re reading this later, like, in January. In which case, well, I guess it’s still getting to be that time of year again, just much, much more slowly.), and there’s a lot of awful Christmas records out, so perhaps there will be some on here that people can actually enjoy, huh? (Also: I think there should be a moratorium on Xmas Mix CDs with the Pogues‘ “Fairytale Of New York”, just because it’s basically the One Good Song Everyone Knows About Already. Though it is basically my favorite Xmas song ever.)

The title comes from a piece not actually on here:  “Yulenet (Christmas Dragnet)” by Stan Freberg.  Honestly that and his single “Green Chri$tma$” are both must-hear records, so you should seek them out right away.  They’re both wonderful.
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It’s Raining Again

The Black-Sea seahorse is a rare sight in the ...

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Here’s yet another hypothetical Mix CD!  Feel free to track these cuts down and burn your own copy!  The theme here is “It’s Raining Again”/Fall-Winter/a “Less Light” mix. Some of the tracks I chose were pretty obvious, and others were more based around the sound; part of the fun is the wide-range of interpretations the theme has, so…

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When Uncle Hy Takes the Train to Kansas City

I think everyone knows I’m a big Barnes & Barnes fan — and I’m glad to say that they’ve got a brand new album! This is a fan-made video by the Swill Brothers for one of the songs — and it’s a real cool song, and a cool video to boot. (I really like the main-character doll. I don’t recognize him, but I like his stance.) ANYWAY — dig this awesome video, and when you’re convinced, you can pick up the new record, Opbopachop at CDBaby or on iTunes! Anyway — there’ll probably be a much more in-depth article on B&B here pretty soon (I’m kinda in the middle of moving, so things are in a bit of disarray), but this will hopefully tide you over until that day hits. Continue reading