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Review: Exploding The Phone

Cover of Exploding The Phone
Cover of Exploding the Phone by Phil Lapsley

This almost feels like a companion volume to The Idea Factory — the other side of the phone company.  Phil Lapsley’s book, Exploding the Phone, is an absolutely fascinating book on the history of phone phreaking, or exploring the phone network (and hacking it). The phone system, back in the days of analog, was made up of switches thrown by tones and was considered the world’s largest machine.  The phone phreaks figured out how this machine worked and started figuring out the tones necessary to do different things.  It wasn’t all about getting free calls, but about exploration.  (Though, the free calls were their own siren song that couldn’t be ignored either.) Continue reading

What About Ping?

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Ping’s the new social networking tool from Apple.  I’m on it (being a Mac geek and a person who uses iTunes anyway for playback, I suppose I kinda had to be) — just look up “Matt Keeley” and look for the creepy horse-head wearing an energy dome.  So far, though, I seem to be having the problem a lot of folks are: I’m not precisely sure what to do with it.


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[Purchase CD]ABCDEFG Cover Art

Chumbawamba really is an underrated band — like a lot of one-hit wonders, their one-hit ended up doing them in in the eyes of 99% of music listeners.  For a long time, I couldn’t stand ’em just because of the ubiquity of “Tubthumping“.  Luckily, I was working at my college station when Readymades came out, and I listened to it and loved it.  It still took me a while to get the other albums, but I’m full-on converted… and I even like “Tubthumping” now.

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