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Drabbles: Animals and More

Long-haired dachshund with puppies
Long-haired dachshund with puppies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


She was on the couch devouring a novel, her warm little brown dachshund cuddled up against her. He was nestled in the crook of her arm, sleeping with the peace of the innocent. Occasionally she could feel his stubby legs stirring against her as he dreamed, perhaps of chasing but never catching rabbits in a sun-dappled meadow or just running long, triumphant laps around the neighborhood park where she sometimes took him, everything an adventure. The whisper of the book’s turning leaves called and answered with his quiet, sleepy breaths. She wished she could ever be as perfectly contented. Continue reading

The Doggie Gaga Project: The Interview

It’s gone viral all over the internet.  The Doggie Gaga Project – a series of Polaroids from photographer Jesse Freidin.  It’s been linked to all over the place and was featured on the Regis and Kelly show on the morning of March 18th.  You’ve probably seen it.  And if not, you should check it out because it’s awesome.

I first met Jesse Freidin back when he was taking photography classes.  He was looking for people to be photographed and I volunteered myself.  It turned out later that we had some friends in common and so I’ve hung out with Jesse a few times.  As a thank you for being a subject in his photography project he gave me a print of one of the pictures he took of me.  I gave it to my mom.  When the Doggie Gaga Project exploded the other day I called her to tell her that she has a photograph by a now-famous photographer and I ended up having to explain to her who Lady Gaga is.

Before this whole thing exploded, though, I had posted about the Project on Facebook and was approached by Mr. Kitty Sneezes himself (Matt) and asked to do an interview with Jesse for the site.  I chuckled and asked Jesse, he agreed and Matt sent me the interview questions and then the Project went viral and Jesse got super busy with interviews and emails and phone calls but he still took the time to do the interview with me because he’s just that awesome.

Seriously, check out his website.  The fine art dog photographs posted there are absolutely amazing.  There’s a startling simplicity to his work that is so perfect – you know it captures the moment in a way that most day to day photographs just miss.  My memory of being photographed by Jesse is a good one.  I’ve never particularly liked having my picture taken and I was concerned that he might be picky and demanding but it was just the opposite.  He made me feel completely at ease and as a result I think he got a really good picture – if I may be so completely conceited.

And I know that if he can be that good with a person like me, he has to have a magical touch with the dogs he photographs.

It’s also awesome to see someone who deserves good things get those good things.  Not everyone gets to bask in the spotlight and so often I see friends of mine passed over and miss out.  Jesse deserves awesome stuff.

If you like the Doggie Gaga Project, please check out Jesse’s other photography and recognize that he is now going to be in high demand – and deservedly so.  If you own a dog and you want the best dog photographer to immortalize your dog, I highly recommend getting in touch with Jesse. If he ever branches out to fine art cat photography or if I ever get a dog someday I know who I’ll be calling.

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Interview: Cooper, The Photographer Cat

Cat, with their delcious natures, often surpass stupid human. One such cat is calling by Cooper, also knowing as The Photographer Cat. These cat attempting, and successful, at dominating worlds of photographics artform. Normally such cat would of course be obvious RIVAL, but in my role as journalisting I must appreciate such cat. Besides, possibilities existing for future using such cat for photojournalisting in my new MICKEY super websites, afterall these Kittysneezes.Com will eventually whithering and dying, and I intend to take over controlling on these fateful day (learning buzzard lessons). But for time being, I conducting interviewing with these Cooper. We discuss lifes as photographologist, philosophies, and cats lifes in general. These interviewings constitute another masterstroke for MICKEY. Enjoyings…

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Interview: Nick Abadzis

Self-portrait of Nick Abadzis, British cartoonist.
Self-portrait of Nick Abadzis, British cartoonist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nick Abadzis is a writer and illustrator who wrote the 2007 instant classic Laika, the heartbreaking graphic novel about the USSR’s first space pup, profiled a few months ago on Kittysneezes. He also wrote for Marvel Comics in the 1990s, and has written for the children’s TV show Bob the Builder. His CV in the world of illustration and writing (particularly in the form of graphic novella) is extremely impressive.
I recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Abadzis about his favorite things and various inspirations.

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Interview: Caplin Rous

Caplin Rous is name of giant hamster-rat some calling capybara. Is famous rat creature because featuring in newest book calling Celeste and The Giant Hamster. As actual kitty myself, most delightsful to take break from busy day making dreamings of mouse and plots to do underminings to RIVAL, to instead do interviewings towards such creature. Caplin seem unusually smart for these kind and abilities to write SO WELL. Obvious intellectuals. We talking about many fascistating topic such as book he featuring, rat, and even wobal glarmings (question which proving my dynamite journalisting skill). Usually cat believing rodent to be foods stuff, but Caplin apparently too big to make eatings with anyway. So for these I making tries to be friend instead of RIVAL.


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