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Review: What I’d Say To The Martians

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When I was younger, for whatever reason, I thought that Jack Handey was actually Al Franken.  The idea that Jack Handey — known most for the “Deep Thoughts” segments on Saturday Night Live — was a pseudonym is a surprisingly common one.  But later, I discovered that the idea that he was Al Franken in particular was also pretty common.  Al Franken even wrote a foreword where he declared that many people thought that he was Jack Handey — he’s not, and Jack Handey is a real guy — but why Al Franken in particular? That’s something I’d really like to know.  “Jack Handey” sounds kind of like a made-up name itself (especially that “Handey” is a misspelled version of an everyday word, and coupled with “Jack” just makes it sounds vaguely dirty), but why do people think that it’s made up by Al Franken?  Why did I think he was Al Franken? Continue reading