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Review – Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series

Erotic re-imaginings of classic fairy tales have been done before – Anne Rice’s Beautyalt series is an extreme example, Moore and Gebbie’s Lost Girlsalt a graphic one. Often they retain a hint of adolescence or address issues of adolescent sexuality, which follows the folk-and-mythy analysis of these stories. They are allegorized warnings to children of what is to come. The fully adult versions, therefore, nod to the informed reader. The Twilight series, while it does toe the line of propriety by depicting adolescent sexuality, feels no need to intellectualize its smut or provide redeeming social importance, although the intensity of allusion stretches them to gothic proportions. They mash up mythology in a way that’s either entirely original or perfectly clever to any Campbellian, but which is ultimately somewhat hackneyed.


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