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Review: The Things/Concepts Listed in “Song For A Future Generation” by the B-52s

English: kate pierson
English: kate pierson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my favorite B-52s songs is “Song For A Future Generation“, and the video is pretty much my favorite of theirs, too, what with the scene of them carrying synthesizers in swaddling like babies.  But what about the things the various band members like?  Do they have good taste?  KITTYSNEEZES USES SCIENCE TO FIND OUT!

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Review: Kindle 2

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The odd thing with e-readers is that they can be a bit of a tough sell; most big-time readers, the folks who’d buy ’em, aren’t typically sold at first. After all, they say, what’s wrong with real live books? And, besides, reading anything of length on a computer monitor is a bullet train ticket to eye-strain. I should know — I am a big-time reader and until I actually saw a Kindle, that’s what I said.

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