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This is one of Janet's paintings done via this method -- more info at her Kickstarter!Friend-of and occasional-contributor-to Kittysneezes Janet Bruesselbach has just started a Kickstarter for her new art project, Teleportraiture.  It’s super cool — you can read all about it there, but the BASIC GIST is that she’ll paint portraits of people via tele-conference/video chat/whatever you wanna call it, and once she’s got a bunch of ’em, she’ll put them in a month-long gallery show in New York City.  AND AND AND, people can visit both in person AND by said video chat/whatever.  So that’s pretty awesome.  Anyway, it’s been up for a couple days and she’s already 20% to her goal.  If you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket, go chuck it at Janet.  If not, just keep an eye on this and share the link and whatnot.  It’s a really cool project and I’m looking forward to seeing the results.
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GW399H278I know, I know, it’s old news, but I was just thinking about this online… prank?  If that’s the right word?  I’m not sure it is.  But anyway, it was a ongoing-though-ended thing called “The Wyoming Project”.  The story was that, a la the Max Headroom hacker in Chicago, there was some hacking going on in a Wyoming cable company.  It’d be an on-going thing, where they’d basically show some text, then a creepy face, then more text, and cycle through the faces from different camera angles.  Also, there were frequencies that would be played that could cause hallucinations and sickness in some viewers.  

This never actually happened of course, but it was the product of a couple Something Awful goons.  But still, as a media geek who really likes hearing about that sort of thing (I mean, dude, the video logo (created by the very talented Lee Hughey) for this site is based on the CIVIC TV Ident from Videodrome, so you probably should have gathered that by now), it was basically gold.  For more, including the six posted videos, I Love Happy Cube and its corresponding, more complete wiki are where you wanna be.  It’s pretty fun, enjoy.


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Wild Man Fischer, RIP

Wild Man Fischer

Cover of Wild Man Fischer

Sad news to report.  Artie Barnes confirmed that Larry “Wild Man” Fischer died Wednesday from heart trouble.  He’s been a favorite of mine — and his albums with Barnes & Barnes are very much worth tracking down.  I also recommend the Rhino Handmade release The Fischer King, which has both of those albums, plus Wildmania and a whole pile of bonus tracks, and a pretty great essay.  Such sad news to report, though.  I don’t really have a lot more to say — though I also recommend the DVD of Derailroaded, which came out not too long ago, and which Kittysneezes reviewed here.

Wild Man, you will be missed.

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Here Comes The Rain

J.G. Thirlwell

Cover of J.G. Thirlwell

Y’all are already all over Foetus, right?  You all know that JG Thirlwell is awesome and neato and that everyone should listen to his stuff, right?  In case you’re not, here’s the new video for “Here Comes The Rain” from the most recent Foetus album, Hide.  Speaking of Hide, it’s a real good one, too.  I think Love might still be my favorite, but then again, that coule just be because “(not adam)” is one of the best songs ever written by anybody.  Anyway, though — check out the video; Jimmy Foetus gets to hang out with a goat!
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X-Ray Spex – Identity

1979 October 29 - unknown photographer, Epoque...

Image by blacque_jacques via Flickr

Sad news — Poly Styrene, the lead singer of X-Ray Spex and one of the best singers/songwriters of the punk era, passed away yesterday — the same day her new album, Generation Indigo came out in the US.  To celebrate her life, I’m sharing the video to my favorite X-Ray Spex song, “Identity”.  (I know, you thought I was gonna say “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!”, which is a really good song as well.)  Just something about “Identity” that does it for me.  It’s one I’d kinda like to cover at some point, but have never gotten around to.  So, yeah — dig that, and if you haven’t bought Germfree Adolescents yet, what is wrong with you?!

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Rebecca Black on Good Morning America

Gettin' down with Rebecca Black

Image by boldmagicpizza via Flickr

My friend and occasional Kittysneees contributor, Nathan’s pretty dang dead on on this awful GMA interview with Rebecca Black. (I would embed it, but since I updated the editor for Kittysneezes, YouTube stuff won’t embed.  LESSON LEARNED: DON’T UPDATE ANYTHING EVER.)  Seriously, watch the video (linked in mine, embedded in his post).  It’s basically all “So, Rebecca, how does it feel that EVERYONE HATES YOU AND WANTS YOU TO DIE BECAUSE YOU SUCK?!??” and then they go to her mom and ask about the same question.

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Audio NSFW, but in a really, really hilarious way

Atanas Badev Zlatoustova Liturgiya

Image via Wikipedia

Panther – You Don’t Want Your Nails Done [QT, 18.9MB]

I just saw this link this morning; someone described it as “If Max Fischer were in a band and it turned out to be not Phantom Planet”; in a way I can kind of see that (helps that the guy actually has sort of a Schwartzmannesque look to him), but I’ve been trying to figure out if Max would end up doing something more orchestral (I’m thinking either like Belle & Sebastian, or perhaps just straight classical music compositions) or something really Angular and Arty (which might fit the bill with this).
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Wouldn’t It Be Nice If You Could Rock Like We Do?

pet_soundSort of along the lines of The Grey Album, apparently the Beatles/Beach Boys rivalry isn’t dead. Here’s Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds, a remix/cut-up of the original Pet Sounds album by a bunch of different artists.
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Death Mucus!


Image via Wikipedia

If you’re a fan of the Found Footage Festival (or the Found Footage Show on the AV Club), you may have already seen this video .  Especially since they posted it a while ago, and I’d been meaning to post it then, but I never got around to it.  If the title of the post didn’t tip you off, this one’s a little on the gross side.  But I’d like to talk about it a bit.
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