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It's HAAAAAL!!!!
I like posting Hal when I talk about Kittysneezes itself and don’t have a better picture. Hal’s adorable.

HEY PEOPLE! Are you in a band? Are you in a band that doesn’t suck? Are you in a band that doesn’t suck that has an album out?  (Even if it’s been out for a while?)

If you are so inclined, Kittysneezes (that’s us!!) will run an article from you, walking us through your album! (Think of it as sort of an answer to the problem of the lack o’ liner notes with most digital releases. Or, let’s be serious, even with a lot of CD-era albums.)

We’ll, obviously, link your album — so people who are interested can go check it out!  And you can share a handy-dandy link with your fans with stuff they’ll love!  I know, right?!

Anyway — if this floats your boat, just get in contact with me, either through our Facebook Page or the Contact link on this very site!

Want To Write For Kittysneezes?

Hal is a good dog.
I don’t have a picture for this, so here’s a picture of Hal! He’s a good dog.

“Hey, I’d like to write for Kittysneezes!”

Is this you?  If so, then that is AWESOME!  A+ on your hastily arrived-at desire!  Contact me via the Contact Page, and I’ll give you more details and get you set up with an account!  We pretty much take anything!  Essays, Reviews, Interviews, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Humor, Comics, Recipes, Journalism, WHATEVER!  In fact, aside from the usual (we don’t like being sued for libel or plagiarism or anything like that — well, we don’t like being sued at all, really), we only have one real rule:

1.  If it’s a review, it should be positive.  Be critical, sure, but be constructive, and the general takeaway from the article should be “I think that it would be worthwhile for you to spend a small slice of your limited time on this here lump of dirt on this particular item!”

That’s pretty much it.  There might be other stuff, like, “interviews should have the “Part the First” questions in there too, but that’s pretty minor compared with that one.  (And the not-getting-us-sued thing.)  Continue reading

Crush On 2013!

Portugal Corrida
Portugal Corrida (Photo credit: George Eastman House)

It’s our best-of-the-year show!  Pretty much all picks, so let’s go!

Picks include: Lorde, Deep Cotton, Janelle Monae, Portugal. The Man, Void Vision, Dandylion, Junip, David Bowie, Robbie Fulks, Kanye West, Camper Van Beethoven, Daft Punk, Chvrches, They Might Be Giants and San Fermin!  And I don’t think I missed any?

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Kittysneezes Swag!

kittysneezescWell, for minor levels of “Kittysneezes Swag”, anyway.  (And I mean that in the “stuff with our name on it” sense, not the “swagga” sense.  Because you know and I know that Kittysneezes has NONE of that.)  Anyway — if you’re interested in owning some combination of 1″ buttons, 1″ magnets, or Kittysneezes stickers, just reach out to me via the contact page!  They’ll be 5 dollars (‘Murikan) to cover postage.  (You’ll get a handful of everything, so you can keep some, then hand them out to your friends and or enemies!)  The buttons come in a variety of colors and feature our lovely logo as seen here to the left — designed, of course, by the super-talented Janet Bruesselbach.  The stickers come in two varieties – one with our kitty friend there with the Kittysneezes slogan, and the other that’s based off the Kittysneezes video logo (as can be seen in any of these “fine” works of video “art”) designed by the equally super-talented Lee Hughey.

And if Crush On Radio is more your bag, check out the Crush T-Shirt!

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Interested In Contributing To Kittysneezes?

Photograph of William Garwood c.1915. Public d...

Image via Wikipedia

Sometimes folks ask about contributing to Kittysneezes, and I thought I’d write up a little FAQ type sheet to address some of the concerns! First up, YES — we DO welcome contributions! If you are interested, you can contact me via the little Contact Us button up top, particularly if you think the stuff you write would fit in pretty well with the stuff already here! (This does NOT, however, necessarily mean liking the same things, of course; I’m merely talking tone-wise.)

We welcome pretty much any type of writing — if you’ve got some ideas that you haven’t seen on the site before, or don’t see in the Main Menu in the left-hand sidebar, feel free to float them to me, and we’ll see! Essays and Fiction are always welcome, as are reviews. With reviews, the only requirement is that they be positive reviews — though, not necessarily ones that gloss over faults, either. But, all tolled, the review should come in under the “I recommend this” column. My philosophy is that it’s always better to turn someone on to something they might not have seen previously, rather than turn someone off of something else.

While that’s basically the main rule, some other issues and questions have come up, so I’d like to answer them here — and if you see any that aren’t on the list, feel free to ask in comments, or via email, and I’ll update this as it comes up!


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David Foster Wallace, RIP

The man I considered the greatest living American Author, David Foster Wallace, killed himself yesterday, Friday September 12th. His wife found his body after he hanged himself. September 12th is not a good day — it’s also the day Johnny Cash died. And but so in tribute, here are some of the posts related to David Foster Wallace.

If you haven’t read any of his work, I heartily recommend you do so. A good one to start with is Brief Interviews With Hideous Men if you don’t want to jump right into the deep end with Infinite Jest. However, just about any of them are good and his writing demands to be savoured. He knew his way around a sentence.

I might have something more in-depth on him later — right now, I’m too stunned really to be terribly coherent about the man whose writing meant so much to me.

The JOI-Cam, a technical thing about how to potentially get a camera effect written about in Infinite Jest

Forever In The Third Booth On The Left, a loving parody of DFW’s short story “Forever Overhead”, one of the most beautiful pieces of writing I have ever read — which can be found in Brief Interviews With Hideous Men.

My entrance in the DFW Parody Contest from a few years back, which I thought I had reposted to Kittysneezes but apparently not. I probably shall in the future, then — but for the time being, my entry is all the way at the bottom of the page. The others are pretty good too, of course. Continue reading

We're getting there!

All right! is getting much closer to being on the air!  We'll have an actual Real-Live Design soon, but at least things are basically navigatable now, which is ALWAYS a plus.  Unless you're into seeing a half-image flanked by two inexplicably mashed together menus.  In which case, I apologize, but it's time to move on.

 Anyway, though — I am basically seeing no reason why Kittysneezes can't get at least a bit up and running now!  For the time being, starting Next Week(!!!), May 20, 2007, Kittysneezes will be on a twice-a-week schedule — at least from postings by me.  Who knows, maybe down the road I'll find other people who want to contribute, too!  (Which I suppose is why folks should register (for free, natch!) on the sidebar over there to the left.  That way, I can eventually make people other classes of user.  And, hey, at least that way you can leave comments and I'd know who you are.)

 I've got a few new reviews in the can, and I'm working on at least one more Interview — but with more to come!  And who knows what else will come down. 

 Of course, since Kittysneezes is a band as well, I'll be working on getting a few cuts posted as well — and ideally some Music Videos posted (probably on YouTube), and linked up as well! 

 Remember — Kittysneezes IS GO.  And is All Things To All People. 

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Welcome to the new Kittysneezes website!  We’re still working on the design, but that’s OK — soon it’ll be the prettiest thing you ever did see. But until then, we’ll just focus on getting content in. Right now, Kittysneezes will post new content at least every Tuesday and Thursday — ideally more often, but those two days a week for right now. We’ve got a few more things in the pipeline as well, including more music, ideally some video material, and some cool Kittysneezes interviews. (By which I mean Kittysneezes interviewing other folks, not the other way around, of course.)

So, the site is launching this week — meaning the first posting will be on May 22, 2007, so be there to check it out! Or, you can put us in your favorite RSS reader, courtesy of the links over to the left. Feel free to register a login, too, and make comments on posts, too!

Anyway, though — hope you dig poking around the site! ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE Continue reading