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On the Impossibility of Being Disabled under Cameron’s Britain

English: Iain Duncan Smith, British politician...
English: Iain Duncan Smith, British politician and former leader of the Conservative Party. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is said that we are living in an Age of Austerity here in Britain 2016, yet let no man say that we are suffering from austerity of the spirit!

It is written in the Book of Matthew that “the last will come first and the first will come last”. Today in Britain our Get-Up-and-Go-vernment insists, with a warm clap upon our collective backs, that the very last amongst us – those laid low and inactive by paralysis; riddled with poor timekeeping skills from schizophrenia; or just stricken lazy with a coma – will be first, both out of bed in the morning and to their merry graves in the evening, with nothing but a job application in their hands and a positive attitude in their hearts. Continue reading

New At Unicorn Booty: A Whole Bunch of Stuff!

English: "Weird Al" Yankovic perform...
English: “Weird Al” Yankovic performing live in concert during his 2010 Tour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I’ve been doing a whole bunch of stuff at lately… so instead of doing a post for each one, I’ll do compilation posts!  So yay!  Dig it!

  • ‘YOUR LIE IN APRIL’ HAS ALL THE AMAZING MUSIC AND ABUSE OF ‘WHIPLASH’, BUT IS AN ANIME: FujiTV’s dramatic anime Your Lie In April (available in the US on Crunchyroll and Hulu) recently closed out its second and last season – and I’m here to tell you that it’s an awesome show y’all gotta see.

    The animation is absolutely gorgeous and it’s based on an award-winning manga — that’s what us anime nerds call “comic books.” It won Best Shōnen Manga at the 37th Kodansha Manga Awards, which is what we anime nerds call “a really big deal.” And, if that weren’t enough, it features a lot of absolutely amazing musical performances.

  • 10 MUSICAL ARTISTS YOU MUST ENJOY OR YOU ARE WRONG: There’s LOTS of music in this world — it’s hard to know where to begin! But we assure you, if you follow this list of greats, your journey deeper into the wonderful world of delightful sounds will be a fruitful one.Thanks to science, we’ve determined that you’re 100 percent guaranteed to enjoy all 10 bands on this list — if you do not, we will send you an official Certificate Of Wrongness, suitable for framing.  Enjoy!
  • MD STATE ATTORNEY CALLS FREDDIE GRAY’S DEATH A HOMICIDE. HERE’S WHY THAT’S A GOOD THING…On May 1st, Maryland State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced six Baltimore police officers have been charged in the death of Freddie Gray — an illegally arrested 25-year-old man who died under police custody after suffering a broken spine and cardiac arrest. The officers turned themselves in that afternoon, and have been released on bail (set between $250,000 and $350,000).In the wake of way too many black people killed by the police in the past five years, it’s cause for hope that Gray’s death has officially been called a murder caused by police action – and that the state’s justice department is taking the matter seriously.
  • THE GUY WHO TRIED TO SHOOT RONALD REAGAN WANTS A MUSICAL CAREER: According to NBC’s Washington DC affiliate, John Hinckley Jr., the man who tried to kill President Reagan in 1981 to win Jodie Foster’s love, is looking to start a band. As it turns out, though he has been in a mental hospital since around ’81, his lawyers and treatment team have been working to get him released to his mother’s care. Hinckley’s shown an interest in music while he’s been in the mental hospital, but most people don’t realize that he’s actually been paid by Warner Brothers for years for an odd bit of musical work.
  • SCARS OF SAN FRANCISCO’S 1906 QUAKE REMAIN IN ITS STREETS: If you’ve been to San Francisco, you’ve probably noticed those weird brick circles that are sometimes on the street. What are they? Decoration? Proof of alien life? Cat traps? As it turns out, it’s none of these!  (Well, okay, maybe they can do double-duty as cat traps.)  As it turns out, it’s history and infrastructure all rolled into one!

  • SEE YOU IN COURT! NEBRASKA WOMAN FILES SUIT AGAINST ALL GAYS AND THEIR ALLIES: A woman has filed a court case (no foolin’) against homosexuals and their “alis”; we’re guessing she means “allies”? Sylvia Driscoll (not pictured above) — a 66-year-old from Auburn, Nebraska and self-declared ambassador of God — filed suit in federal court May 1.  In her petition to the court, she wants Judge John M. Gerrard to declare that homosexuality is a sin.

    Sure, that doesn’t seems like something for a federal judge to decide, but hey.  At least it reminds me of one of my favorite Achewood strips…

  • PHOTOS: TRANS MMA FIGHTER FALLON FOX IS YOUR NEW FAVORITE BADASS: Fallon Fox is the first out trans mixed martial arts fighter, an artistwriter, and professional speaker.  She’s got a 5-1 record since starting her fighting career in 2013 (though she’s been training since 2008), so it’s safe to say she’s, uh, pretty damn good.  She also tours, giving lectures about how MMA and other contact sports can empower women.  And she’s about to get a lot more famous as one of  two subjects of the new documentary Game Face.

  • WOMP, WOMP! RACIST HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL PLAYER LOSES SCHOLARSHIP FOR RACISM: Some moments in life can only be celebrated by Edd Kalehoff‘s fantastic music from The Price Is Right — and some fails, by The Price Is Right losing horns.

    Today’s fail: ABC News reports that after being caught on tape referring to a black family as “fucking [unpleasant racial slur beginning with the letter N]”, Pinole Valley High School’s star baseball player has lost his college scholarship. The incident occurred after a baseball game last Wednesday, when the player called the family of an opposing team member the awful name.

  • 10 OBSCURE FILMS YOU NEED TO SEE IMMEDIATELY — GO GO GO!: Top ten lists are arbitrary by nature — so I’m not even going to pretend these are an actual top ten, but rather a list of films that may or may not become your all-time favorite movies and cause you to throw out your entire DVD collection. But here are some films that you may not have heard of that may become your all-time favorite movies and cause you to throw out your collection to start over.

  • EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW ABOUT THE COLUMBINE SCHOOL SHOOTING IS WRONG: As “Weird Al” Yankovic said, “Everything you know is wrong.” Admittedly, he wasn’t talking about the school shooting 16 years ago at Columbine, Colorado — that’d be a little bit of a downer. Yankovic got the quote from the Firesign Theatre comedy troupe, and they weren’t talking about Columbine either; a school shooting is ill-suited for a comedy record.

    Nevertheless, the statement still holds where Columbine is concerned. Just about all of the accepted wisdom about what happened on April 20, 1999 isn’t right at all.

  • THE SECRET BEHIND NEIL YOUNG’S OUT OF PRINT 1982 ALBUM WILL MELT YOUR HEART: Neil Young’s strangest film, Human Highway, will come to theaters in a new director’s cut on April 17th. The film features songs from Trans, arguably Neil Young‘s most inaccessible album, and also one of the hardest to find. Out of print in the US for years, the album is only currently available for download in the European iTunes Store.

  • M’S “THE OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT” IS PARANOID POP PERFECTION: For years, it seemed that whenever I’d go to a used record store, I’d always find a copy of M’s 1980 album The Official Secrets Act (and strangely, none of his other records).

    I think I ended up giving up looking for M vinyl after around a year or so, and to date, I only have two: The 12″ of “Moonlight and Muzak” and (my first M release ever) Official Secrets Act. It’s funny; I couldn’t even find a copy of his hit album/single (New York London Paris Munich / Pop Muzik“). I mean, I’ve got all the material on the CDs released by Westside in 1998 (out of print now, though JVC Victor in Japan is re-issuing these discs in mini-LP sleeves, complete with the same bonus tracks), so it’s not like I don’t have the material… butstill… Why does this drive me crazy? I tell you why:

    The Official Secrets Act is a pop masterpiece.

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New At Unicorn Booty: 5 Lost Muppet Show Sketches

The Muppet Show
The Muppet Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I heard that ABC might be bringing back The Muppet Show, I was stoked. Everyone loves Jim Henson’s Muppets: they’re good-hearted and child-friendly, yet regularly make intelligent, adult jokes too (like that one time when Bert bragged about training for ten years learning to play the whistle at Juilliard).

I’m so excited about seeing new Muppet material that I’ve found some stuff from the original Muppet Show that never aired in the US! That’s right! The show was originally shot for the United Kingdom’s ITV which had shorter commercial breaks than the US.  As a solution, the show included two-minute long sketches (known as “UK Spots”) that could be cut for more ads in the American market.


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New At Unicorn Booty: New TDS Host Trevor Noah Kidnaps People for Comedy

videos-new-daily-show-host-trevor-noah-used-to-kidnap-talk-show-guests-thComedy Central announced today that 31-year-old Trevor Noah will take over as lead anchorman of The Daily Show when Jon Stewart leaves  later this year.  Noah’s got a great resume: he’s hosted a nightly show in his native homeland of South Africa, he’s done loads and loads of standup (check out his special African-American on Netflix), and he’s done lots of work in both radio and television.  So, you know, he’s a pretty strong and obvious choice for the satirical new program’s new host.

If you’ve ever seen his Daily Show segments, you already know about his friendly personality and biting satirical wit. But you might not know about his outstanding and sadly short-lived South African web-series, Fantasy Kidnap, a hilarious deconstruction of the talk show genre, where celebrities are kidnapped and forced to make small talk.

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New At Unicorn Booty: Ari Shaffir Insults Damienne Merlina

gay-blog-damienne-merlina-480x336In comedian Ari Shaffir’s 2012 Comedy Central special, Passive Aggressive (recently aired on television for the first time), there’s a segment that has no purpose but to talk about how unpleasant he finds comedienne Damienne Merlina, whom he mentions by name. First and last.  There’re no punchlines, just abuse. And the takeaway seems to be that she has the audacity to be a fat female comedian with one arm.


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New at Unicorn Booty: The Best Japanese Superhero You’ve Never Heard Of

Cutie Honey (film)
Cutie Honey (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cutie Honey’s evil sister Jill has used her goon squad, Panther Claw, to kidnap Cutie Honey’s uncle, a renowned scientist — and Cutie Honey’s got to save him! With her heart-shaped armor, Honey Flash choker and stunning blade, she takes down armies of goons and bad guys and, presto, changes her costumer for the next adventure.

Say “Hajimemashite” to your new favorite Japanese superhero — Cutie Honey.

Cutie Honey has perhaps the greatest opening scene in history. The first thing you see is a kitty. The second thing is a beautiful girl in a bubble bath. The next thing you know, she’s running down a busy street in a makeshift dress composed entirely of torn plastic bags while downing rice cakes and tea. Luckily, the rest of the movie holds up to those high standards.

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New At Unicorn Booty: The TV Octopus That Ate Kids’ Minds

mmd_kure_kure_takora_by_aoba_tl_dl_by_spacepatrolgaia-d8f5ctqKure Kure Takora (or Gimme Gimme Octopus, as it’s known in English) is a 1970s live-action Japanese kids’ series of something like 260 short films, each about three minutes long, give or take. It’s one of the most surreal things I’ve ever seen on TV. Kids totally get the best media…

So, the show. It’s… hard to describe. The title character is an octopus who goes around saying “Kure Kure!” at everything (which means “Gimme Gimme!”/”I want it!”), and his best friend/partner in crime (literally…) is a peanut or a Squash (“Chombo”, I think is his name). Both Takora and Chombo are in love with a weird narwhal thing. Law in their weird little sound-stage village is kept (sorta…) by a badger who’s the sherriff – though, strangely for a kids’ show, Takora and Chombo are usually on the wrong side of the law, stealing from guys who look like they might be Sea Cucumbers?

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New At Unicorn Booty: Interview with April Anderson, creator of the short “Trannybot 5000”

Meet-The-Creator-Of-A-Short-Film-Calling-Out-Transparent-702x336Whether you need a trans character to teach someone about masculinity or just to make your audience feel weird about genitalia, Trannybot 5000 is the answer to all of your casting needs!

No, that’s not just a needlessly offensive advertising tagline, it’s the satirical salespitch for Trannybot 5000, a low-fi film short recently released by trans filmmaker April Anderson. With a $10 budget and some help from the Trans Oral History Project, Anderson made the NSFW and potentially offensive video as a response to how trans women are portrayed in popular culture by cisgender actors and creators (that is, by people whose gender and sex-at-birth are the same).

“In an ideal world, real-life trans women would always play roles based upon them,” says the announcer inTrannybot 5000. “However, in our world, trans women are weird, and often have ideas that complicate a shoot.”

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New At Unicorn Booty: 5 Must See Episodes of Steven Universe

StevenUniverse00101-1-702x336Steven Universe is Cartoon Network’s first female-created show, created by notable woman Rebecca Sugar.  Sugar is also known for writing a lot of the best songs in Adventure Time(“Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries”, “I’m Just Your Problem/My Best Friends In The World”, “Remember You” and the classic “Bacon Pancakes”). She also wrote a lot of the best episodes of Adventure Time too (pretty much any episode those songs come from).

Steven Universe is also really hip when it comes to all sorts of social issues.  Behind the scenes, three of the show’s four leads are voiced by women of color (one of whom is Estelle.  You know, Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter, rapper, actress, producer Estelle).  The crew is super diverse too, and most of them have art blogs on Tumblr.  You can Google any name you see on the show, but a few to get you started: Rebecca Sugar, Ian Jones-Quartey, Raven Molisee, Ben Levin, Lamar Abrams.

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Crush On Radio – I Return!

Cover of "Oh No It's Devo"
Cover of Oh No It’s Devo

The new season of Crush on Radio is a little bit different, featuring a one-on-one format — but on this episode, I return to the show to talk about Oh, No! It’s DEVO!  The entire episode is about that album, so check it out!  Yay! Continue reading