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World Premiere Music Video: “Glass Chocolate” by Nelories

nelories glass chocolate 1990 demo ep
Cover art to the ‘1990 Demo EP’ release

We here at Kittysneezes are big fans of the Japanese duo Nelories. A few years back, we posted a review of their first album titled “The Nelories, or, The Greatest Band You’ve Never Heard” and we stand by that descriptor. However — you can now fix one of those problems. We’re proud to share the world premiere of the brand new Nelories video, “Glass Chocolate.” Continue reading

Music: 8 1/8

Album photograph from Night of Desirable ObjectsThis is a piece I did out of loops from Snakefinger‘s “8 1/4”, itself a reworking of themes from Nino Rota‘s score for 8 1/2.  The version of “8 1/4” I used was from the Live At The Vic album.  Each loop is the start of the next section of the song.  I was kind of in a Steve Reich mood when I did this.

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Video: Ted Talks – Band Names

This is Ted.  He talks.
This is Ted.  He talks.

Hey everybody!  Meet Ted!  He likes to talk!  He talks a lot!  He talks and swears!  In this video, Ted talks band names.  Band names that sound like dudes.  He’s agin’ it.

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Video: Trootcottoun (Director’s Commentary)

Movie poster for Trootcottoun
Movie poster for Trootcottoun

As I promised, from the Trootcottoun DVD, the OFFICIAL DIRECTOR’S COMMENTARY on Trootcottoun!  It’s 17 minutes of me talkin’ about stuff!  I’m pretty good about talkin’.  It’s what I do in my spare time, so I’ve gotten good at it!

I’ll probably post the Un Chien De Dieu commentary track soon, too.  Especially if I can find it.  Otherwise I might have to re-rip it.

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Video: Trootcottoun

Movie poster for Trootcottoun
Movie poster for Trootcottoun

In the summer of 2002, I made a short film!  I wrote it and directed it (and Rian Bosak shot pretty much all the tricky bits as my DP!), and edited it all in about… 3 weeks? 4 weeks?  Something like that.  It wasn’t very long, anyway.

It’s a fake documentary about a small fishing town in the UK.  I used to have a DVD that I was selling of it, but let’s just share it all up here!  So, beneath the cut, here’s the complete short.  It’s about 20 minutes long.  Little shorter.  YAAAAY!  Later, I’ll also post the commentary version.  And if you want to read along, or read instead, the script is also included!

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Camarillo Brillo


Image by RevMe via Flickr

This was recorded for the Cover Freak Frank Zappa Tribute, Conceptual Continuity. We chose this one, quite honestly, because it looked like it was one of the few Zappa songs that didn’t necessarily REQUIRE a lot of technical skill. There aren’t a lot of those, actually, part of why FZ’s so cool. I really like this song a lot anyway — on the automation system at my college radio station, which was just a big, 60-CD changer, we had the “Left of the Dial” promo Zappa comp in there, and for whatever reason, the player really liked “Camarillo Brillo”, so if there wasn’t anyone in the booth, you had a pretty good chance of hearing that song.   The next year, we went to an mp3 system for the automation, but I think we put “Camarillo Brillo” in there anyway. It’s an awesome song. On this version, I think on the verses I’m channelling David Liebe Hart a bit.

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I Need A Chick


Image by RevMe via Flickr

This was recorded for the Not Necessarily Beautiful But Mutated: Volume 9 DEVO tribute compilation that was distributed at DEVOtional 2010: A Decade of DEVOtion, a DEVO convention that occurred August 28, 2010. We still weren’t there in person — next time, Gadget, NEXT TIME — but this is the third time in a row we’ve been on the CD! The song was recorded over about 2 weeks, give or take at Studio Kittysneezes; Dale was busy with about fifty other things, so he wasn’t able to perform on it.  But he gave the finished product a thumbs up.

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EP: he is really bad at playing that song…

Hey, remember those Video 45s that Sony used to release in the early 80s? A VHS of about 3 or 4 music videos by an artist? Those were pretty cool; I almost wore out my Thomas Dolby and Blotto ones. So, for the holiday season, I put together a Kittysneezes Video 45! Except that it’s not put out by Sony and no VHS copies of it exist. Unless someone out there is bored enough to dump these to tape. In which case, more power to you, I suppose. Sure, the individual tracks have been issued over the past week and a half — but I didn’t reveal my master plan! Now, here is the Kittysneezes Video EP: he is really? bad at playing that song…

On this recording, Kittysneezes is:
Rev. Syung Myung Me: Vox, Guitar, Banjo, Keyboards, Drum Machine, Thingamagoop

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Video: Spy

A cover of the song “Spy” by They Might Be Giants, written by John Flansburgh & John Linnell, original from the album John Henry, one of my favorite They Might Be Giants albums.

Kittysneezes on this recording is (only):
Rev. Syung Myung Me: Vox, Roland SH-201, Alesis SR-16, thingamagoop.

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