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Interview: Hajime Sato of Mashiko

Mashiko Sushi Bar

Image by Accidental Hedonist via Flickr

Mashiko in Seattle, WA is the first and only established sushi bar in the world to convert to fully-sustainable sushi.  They also happen to make the best sushi I’ve ever had… and Seattle’s known for its good sushi.  Seriously, I cannot recommend the Atomic Tuna enough, but just about everything I’ve ever had there is outstanding.  I was pleased to be able to interview the owner and master sushi chef Hajime Sato about sustainability, sushi and all the cool toys on the sushi bar by the cash register.


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Interview: Ed Palermo

It’s no secret that I’m a huge, obessive Frank Zappa fan (not that, in my experience, there’s any other kind of Zappa fan). Back around ‘98 or ‘99 I discovered Ed Palermo’s album The Ed Palermo Big Band Plays the Music of Frank Zappa at a Tower Records; I looked at the back and not only did it sound interesting besides (interpretations of the master’s music is always fun), but it had a version of “We Are Not Alone” and “Sofa No. 1”, a couple of my all-time favorite Zappa titles.  The purchase wasn’t exactly a hard decision; as soon as I got home from the record store I listened to it and was blown away that the CD was even better than I thought it would be.  That album is, unfortunately, out of print, but Ed Palermo’s got two other amazing albums of Frank Zappa’s compositions out, 2006’s Take Your Clothes off When You Dance and the brand new Eddy Loves Frank, which, in addition to 7 Zappa songs (including “Night School” and “Dupree’s Paradise”), has a beautiful new arrangement of “America The Beautiful”.  As it turns out, Ed Palermo’s not only a phenomenal arranger, player and composer, but a super-nice guy who agreed to an interview.


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Interview: Eric Paul Johnson

Strips For Your PleasureEric Paul Johnson is not only a friend of Kittysneezes, he’s also a talented writer, cartoonist and underground newspaper editor.  His comic, Loon News: The Comic Strip! (a/k/a Mike and Eric) has recently been compiled into the large omnibus edition Eric Paul Johnson… Strips For Your Pleasureavailable in both eBook and dead tree editions.  Sure, Eric’s a friend, but I’m not just being nice when I say that his strips are well done in a way that reminds me of the works of Berke Breathed.  Part of the fun of Strips is the way you can track Eric’s evolution as a cartoonist, from his rough beginnings to now where he’s pretty dang good.  Strips has a lot of bonus material, too — commentary, essays, scripts, unpublished strips (including the KDBX run where the strip was briefly re-imagined as a look behind the scenes of a small radio station) and, well, lots of other stuff that makes the book about as big around as a magazine and almost an inch thick.  Eric agreed to this interview, about his comics, the Loon News in general, radio and his late kitty.


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Interview: Ike Reilly

Ike Reilly‘s a tremendously talented singer and songwriter.  I first became aware of his talent when I got Cracker‘s great Countrysides record — my favorite track, by far was “Duty Free” — when I read the liners, I realized I had to check this Ike Reilly guy out, so I picked up his first record, Salesmen & Racists, almost immediately — and wasn’t let down (though I was confused by how “Duty Free” seemed to have a whole new set of lyrics, but more on that later).  Ike’s new record is the outstanding Hard Luck Stories, which just came out on CD last February.  Kittysneezes is lucky to have Ike sit down with us and talk about his new album, comedy, and the middle name “Ray”.

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Interview: Scot Sothern

Scot Sothern is an underappreciated writer and photographer, who after years of obscurity, is now (hopefully) in the first stage of discovery with Lowlife, a gallery show at the DRKRM Gallery in Los Angeles, which features photographs of street prostitutes along with accompanying literary vignettes. He is also my dad (you may have noticed the similarly “u”-less last names), and I’ve been struggling to write something heartfelt as an intro. But then I realized this bit of press is coming very late, and his show closes after this weekend, so I’ve gotta get this fucking interview posted already. So I will keep it short. He is a tremendous father and I love him lots. His work is beautiful, and edgy and funny, and it has been a major influence on my own work as well as my outlook on life, and the time has come for him to see the success he deserves.

View his website here. Some of the images there, as well as within this interview, are not work-safe.

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Interview: Paul B. Germain

2953366642_a971c95fcd_mPaul B. Germain is a fantastic documentarian.  His first feature, Speedy Delivery, is a look at David Newell, Director of Public Relations of Family Communications, Inc. — or, as you might know him better, Mr. McFeely, the jovial delivery man from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.  The film is also proof — if you needed any — that both Mr. Newell and Mr. Rogers are exactly as kind and loving in real life as they are on television.  Paul’s film is amazing, and is wonderful for anyone who grew up with the Neighborhood, or, in other words, just about all of us.  I was very glad I could meet Paul — another kind and loving man — and talk to him about his excellent film, and I can’t wait for his upcoming projects!

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Interview: Chantal Claret of Morningwood

mwbandMorningwood first hit the scene on a national level with the insanely catchy single “Nth Degree“, with the “M-O, M-O-R, M-O-R-N-I-N-G-W-O-O-D” hook and great video featuring different record sleeves.  After their first, self-titled album for Capitol Records, they left the label and have recently put out the great followup Diamonds & Studs through a partnership with VH1.  Chantal Claret Euringer is the voice of the band and also the director of two of Morningwood’s videos, “Take Off Your Clothes” and the brand new “Snobby Little Elf“.  And, with her husband, James Euringer from Mindless Self Indulgence (themselves no strangers to great music videos), Chantal runs the Tour Crush clothing line.  If it weren’t obvious, she’s pretty busy, so I was very glad she was able to do an interview for Kittysneezes, particularly since I’m a big Morningwood fan.

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The Doggie Gaga Project: The Interview

It’s gone viral all over the internet.  The Doggie Gaga Project – a series of Polaroids from photographer Jesse Freidin.  It’s been linked to all over the place and was featured on the Regis and Kelly show on the morning of March 18th.  You’ve probably seen it.  And if not, you should check it out because it’s awesome.

I first met Jesse Freidin back when he was taking photography classes.  He was looking for people to be photographed and I volunteered myself.  It turned out later that we had some friends in common and so I’ve hung out with Jesse a few times.  As a thank you for being a subject in his photography project he gave me a print of one of the pictures he took of me.  I gave it to my mom.  When the Doggie Gaga Project exploded the other day I called her to tell her that she has a photograph by a now-famous photographer and I ended up having to explain to her who Lady Gaga is.

Before this whole thing exploded, though, I had posted about the Project on Facebook and was approached by Mr. Kitty Sneezes himself (Matt) and asked to do an interview with Jesse for the site.  I chuckled and asked Jesse, he agreed and Matt sent me the interview questions and then the Project went viral and Jesse got super busy with interviews and emails and phone calls but he still took the time to do the interview with me because he’s just that awesome.

Seriously, check out his website.  The fine art dog photographs posted there are absolutely amazing.  There’s a startling simplicity to his work that is so perfect – you know it captures the moment in a way that most day to day photographs just miss.  My memory of being photographed by Jesse is a good one.  I’ve never particularly liked having my picture taken and I was concerned that he might be picky and demanding but it was just the opposite.  He made me feel completely at ease and as a result I think he got a really good picture – if I may be so completely conceited.

And I know that if he can be that good with a person like me, he has to have a magical touch with the dogs he photographs.

It’s also awesome to see someone who deserves good things get those good things.  Not everyone gets to bask in the spotlight and so often I see friends of mine passed over and miss out.  Jesse deserves awesome stuff.

If you like the Doggie Gaga Project, please check out Jesse’s other photography and recognize that he is now going to be in high demand – and deservedly so.  If you own a dog and you want the best dog photographer to immortalize your dog, I highly recommend getting in touch with Jesse. If he ever branches out to fine art cat photography or if I ever get a dog someday I know who I’ll be calling.

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Interview: Cooper, The Photographer Cat

Cat, with their delcious natures, often surpass stupid human. One such cat is calling by Cooper, also knowing as The Photographer Cat. These cat attempting, and successful, at dominating worlds of photographics artform. Normally such cat would of course be obvious RIVAL, but in my role as journalisting I must appreciate such cat. Besides, possibilities existing for future using such cat for photojournalisting in my new MICKEY super websites, afterall these Kittysneezes.Com will eventually whithering and dying, and I intend to take over controlling on these fateful day (learning buzzard lessons). But for time being, I conducting interviewing with these Cooper. We discuss lifes as photographologist, philosophies, and cats lifes in general. These interviewings constitute another masterstroke for MICKEY. Enjoyings…

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Interview: Alexx Calise

Most people just work on one album at a time — Alexx Calise, on the other hand, has two albums due to release this February. One is her second solo album, and the other is the debut release of her band Sound of Cancer with Dennis Morehouse. You may have heard Alexx in ads for the show One Tree Hill or on MTV and VH1 — among many other places — or seen her in the book How to Succeed as a Female Guitaristalt. So, yeah — she’s pretty busy. Somehow she found time to do an interview with Kittysneezes — and here it is!


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