Category: The Fingertips Project

A series of short pieces of fiction, each based on one of the segments of “Fingertips” by They Might Be Giants from Apollo 18.

The Fingertips Project: Who's Knockin' On The Wall

“Hey, it’s me again.”

“Oh, uh, hey, haven’t heard from you in a while. What’s up?”

“Not much, you know, same ol’ same ol’. Just, you know, bein’ a house. That’s all.”

“Ah, yeah — how’s that workin’ out for you?”

“Pretty good, pretty good, can’t complain.”

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The Fingertips Project: Please Pass The Milk

English: milk bottle showing cream at the top
English: milk bottle showing cream at the top (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Please pass the milk, please.”
“Stop it!”
“Please pass the milk, please.”
“I know that’s all you can say. There isn’t any milk here.”
“Please pass the milk, please.”
“It’s not even proper grammar!”
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The Fingertips Project: Lookin' For The Guy

So like OK I was there right and just mindin’ my own business when all of a sudden bam just like outta nowhere this guy comes up and slugs me right in the face and i’m like man, I can’t even see or nothin’ cause not only did he hit me in the face but his ring or at least i think it’s his ring cause otherwise dude’s got some sorta weird knotty thing on his hand or something goes right in my eye and I’m like lucky I wasn’t totally blinded just temporarily blinded I mean that thing could have gouged it right out am i right, and I’d have to wear an eye patch like a pirate or something Continue reading

The Fingertips Project: Come On & Wreck My Car

English: Car accident in Russia
English: Car accident in Russia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It had started out pretty well, in fact, though over the years, their relationship had deteriorated. Or, rather, his relationship had deteriorated; her feelings hadn’t appeared to change a bit. To make things easier — she could be vicious in fights, even if she immediately apologized and tried to make up — he hadn’t let down his feeling-facade. Of course, this didn’t make it any less true that not only did he not love her anymore, he didn’t even particularly like her. Continue reading

The Fingertips Project: New Friend


Late at night, I typically don’t hear voices, outside of those in dreams. And those ones usually come from inside my head, rather than outside it. And I’m typically asleep when those voices are heard. To be fair, I thought I was asleep this time, but when I heard the “psst” again, I knew I wasn’t.

“Mhmmm… wooos zeer?”

“It’s me.”
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The Fingertips Project: Who's That

The thumping started sporadically and quietly. The first few months, no one noticed — it was surely the house settling. Enough noise to notice, but in a relatively unnoticable way. A noise you hear but decide to ignore. For a long time, it wasn’t even every night. Maybe once every week or two at most, then a couple times a week, then a bit more. The increase was subtly picked up upon but written off as mostly likely the result of changes in weather. It HAD been awfully humid lately, so perhaps the wood had expanded or contracted or whatever it is that wood does to create those kinds of sounds. Aside, of course, being knocked on, but that went without saying. Continue reading

The Fingertips Project: I Hear The Wind Blow

English: Let The Wind Blow Wind turbines seen ...
English: Let The Wind Blow Wind turbines seen from the B1077. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know it’s not a standard friendship, but really, what is? Friendship, amongst other things, takes many different forms, all of which equally valid. To claim otherwise is judgmental and wrong. So I don’t want you to laugh.

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