Category: The Fingertips Project

A series of short pieces of fiction, each based on one of the segments of “Fingertips” by They Might Be Giants from Apollo 18.

The Fingertips Project: Heart Attack

Shrinky-dink: Myocardial infarction
Shrinky-dink: Myocardial infarction (Photo credit: St. Murse)

Oh, how are you doing today? I’m OK, can’t really complain. Seem to be having a minor myocardial infarction — nothing too big. My left arm has gone numb, but that’s OK. Nothing too awfully bad — I’m right handed anyway. Hey, I can’t feel how my watchband pinches so that works out, am I right? My chest feels a little tight, but it could just be my sweater — I think it’s shrunk a little in the wash, or at least that’s what I tell my wife, heh heh. Having a little bit of a difficult time breathing, too — heh, breathin’ hard or hardly breathin’? But you know, just listen to me, a bundle of complaints, how are you doing?
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The Fingertips Project: The Day That Love Came To Play

The beautiful, shimmering woman introduced herself as Eros; we welcomed her — our town was always friendly, and there’s something about beauty that makes people a whole lot more amenable to new folks. She said something about it being her day off and that she decided to visit our town and see what was up here. Being right good neighbors, or at least that was how we liked to think of ourselves, we told her we’d show her the sights and let her see the way around and introduce her to our way of life. It’s simple, but it’s ours, and it works for us pretty well.

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The Fingertips Project: Mysterious Whisper

[REDACTED] – The citizens of [REDACTED] have disappeared. The disappearances began last [REDACTED], slowly at first, with a few of the more outlying and reclusive residents going missing at first. Soon, however, the disappearances seemed to focus around a certain family, the [REDACTED]. Continue reading

The Fingertips Project: I Heard A Sound

A 3D sound spectrum analysis of a violin's G S...
A 3D sound spectrum analysis of a violin’s G String using the OscilloMeter program. x=the frequency of pitch, y=the volume, and z=time. Observe the peaks at the foreground. The other low points are background noise. The interesting thing is that the pitch that we hear is the peak at around 200h, but the other peaks are overtones that contribute to the sound, greatly outnumbering the original pitch. You can make out the overtone series for the note G. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Would you go check that out?”

“Do I have to?”

“Why wouldn’t you check it?”

“I didn’t even hear anything, so I wouldn’t know what to check.”

“You didn’t hear that?”


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The Fingertips Project: Something Grabbed Ahold of My Hand

I don’t know what it was. It was just an empty grasp and yet it grabbed me and held on tight and would not let go no matter what I did or how I screamed or shrieked. It held on tighter and tighter and it began to hurt and I swear I could even see indentations where fingernails were digging into the flesh and causing blood to begin to seep through the broken skin around imprints of heavy pressure, but there was nothing there to cause it. Continue reading

The Fingertips Project: All Alone

English: A420 leaving Giddeahall heading east ...
English: A420 leaving Giddeahall heading east Very little between here and Chippenham. A blackthorn, sloe or prunus spinosa is in flower to the left. The fruit has a bitter taste but makes very good wine which needs time to mature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suppose I should have figured this is what it’d be like. There’s even a Twilight Zone about it with the guy who’s the last guy on earth and he wants to read but then his glasses break. Luckily, I don’t have glasses, but the payoff is emotionally the same. I don’t even really know why, since I typically don’t — or, rather, didn’t — like people nor have any close friends or even acquaintances. Continue reading