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Corpophilia: Music

Warner Music Group logo

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Homer and Diana walked into the local HMV. Both walked to the pop music section and started picking up various discs by their favorite artists.

“What are you looking for, Diana?”

“I’m not really sure… I’m thinking something by Virgin Records, Inc. Artist #563,595, but there’s always Warner Music Group Artist #1,827,374. He’s got a new album out.”


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Corpophilia: Graffiti

12-packs of Pabst.

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“Psst… kid.. you wanna make some quick money?” The brown-suited man propped up his Samsonite® briefcase on his knee and slowly opened it in front of the youth. Inside was seventy-five dollars™ in ones; enough to fill up the case with 8 bundles of cash. The adolescent reached for the money.

“Nuh-uh… first, you’ve got to do something for me.”


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