How To Be Lost

English: Abbey Wood There is a large stream at...
English: Abbey Wood There is a large stream at the bottom of the wood and due to the slope, much flooding at the bottom of this coppice. It is easy to get lost around here if you wander off the footpath. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is how it is going to happen.

You will wander further and further off the path of what your life was supposed to be until you are in an entirely alien landscape.

Old friends will form search parties, flashlights and bloodhounds and your name called over and over, but eventually they will give up and, before too long, your name will be in a foreign and forgotten tongue. Continue reading

The Painful Threshold After Dark: William D. Drake tells us about the Television Organ

William D. Drake (source:
William D. Drake (source:

This is NOT the new episode of the Painful Threshold, but rather a special teaser for Episode 3, which is coming soon!  This is not going to be in the episode proper, but it was way too good to lose — especially for Cardiacs fans.   Our panelists are Madeleine Drake, William D. Drake and Rich Anderson — and Maddie asked Bill about his days in Cardiacs, in particular the Television Organ!  His answer is presented here unedited — and I hope you enjoy it — and the upcoming episode! Continue reading

Drabbles: Sweets

Soft ice cream
Soft ice cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ice Cream

She stood beside the ice cream truck, studiously examining the various frozen confections that were displayed on its side. There were so many choices and picking the proper one felt terribly important. She finally settled on a popsicle which consisted of alternating layers of chocolate and banana, and also requested one of the little men attached to a parachute, which she’d greatly enjoy launching from the second floor of her house later. She sat on the front porch and sucked her popsicle, the sweetness of it combined with the insistence of the July sun feeling like summer in a nutshell.

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Drabbles: Music

English: An audio cassette tape.
English: An audio cassette tape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It was only the last thirty-five seconds, but after four barren years that was enough. She sat there in her banged-up car, and as his familiar voice wrapped itself around her she felt like he was her Jimmy Stewart, wrapping her, wet and shivering, in a blanket after finding her in the San Francisco Bay. She hadn’t realized how tense and nervous she had been until the blank, blissful calm she felt upon listening to him again had enveloped her. Her mind was a shaken Etch-A-Sketch, ready for him to mark out the boundaries of again. Continue reading

Review: Coochie Brake

Coochie Brake cover
Coochie Brake

So, we’re stealin’ the idea from the Sparks Project and doing one with probably even more records out there — The Residents!  And this time we’re changing it up a little bit — we’ve got two hardcore Residents fans in me and Rich, but Aila is, at best, a casual fan, who will be hearing about 99% of these records for the first time.  DANGEROUS!  So, enjoy, THE RESIDENTS PROJECT! Continue reading

Kitties and Puppies!

A kitten opens its eyes for the first time
A kitten opens its eyes for the first time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The kittens played in the park. They liked the park, and the park liked them, or at least it would if parks could like things. It had been rumored that they could, and if the rumors were true, then this particular park liked these kittens. One of the kittens was grey and the other was one of those black and white jobs, all cute and adorable and basically everything you’d expect a kitten to be. They jumped and frolicked and played and did all sorts of things that kittens do, as these were very obviously professional kittens, having been in the position for some time now. In fact, they both felt they were due for a raise any time now, although neither wanted to ask their boss, since they felt that it might be a little forward and put themselves in a precarious position. Anyway, if they were fired, they didn’t know where exactly they’d go from there, and so they felt that it was best not to rock the boat and continue to be kittens that were perhaps slightly underpaid than unemployed, and that’s a very sensible attitude to take. Continue reading

The Painful Threshold Episode 2: Kittens or Pie?

A kitten pie by Calamity Jon Morris
A kitten pie by Calamity Jon Morris

Check out episode 2 of The Painful Threshold!  The Painful Threshold is a brand new panel show where all the questions come from the Internet at large!  Anyone can send in questions questions  to the official show Tumblr, our Twitter account or our Facebook page!  This week, our panel is cartoonist Calamity Jon Morris, musician Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth of Bent Knee and Mr. Gavin’s Meat Farm, and zinestress Quinn Collard!  Below the cut are the show notes, complete with direct links to all the questions that have been asked in this episode!

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The Painful Threshold, Episode 1: Do You Like Pigs?

Nora, a non-shitty baby. (Photo by Jenny Byfield)
Nora, a non-shitty baby. (Photo by Jenny Byfield)

Welcome to the very first episode of The Painful Threshold!  The Painful Threshold is a brand new podcast where YOU provide the questions to our lovely panel!  The show runs off questions sent to the official show Tumblr, our Twitter account or our Facebook page!  This week, our panel is comedian Nick Decktor, musician and KEXP DJ Troy Nelson of the Young Evils, and Kittysneezes contributor Jenny Byfield!  Below the cut are the show notes, complete with direct links to all the questions that have been asked in this episode!  Check it out! Continue reading

Interview: Haley Pharo

haley pharoHaley Pharo is an up-and-coming pop singer and songwriter with a lot of talent.  Her debut album has just come out, and it was produced by the Grammy-winning producer Andrew Dawson, who’s also produced Kanye West, fun. and Beyonce.  Pharo herself has also worked with Ryan Cabrera and Demi Lovato, among many other stars. Last week, Kittysneezes posted her video for “Prisoner”, and now she’s agreed to sit down to do an interview with us about her debut album, country music and singing with Michael Jackson. Continue reading

Review: Robot & Frank

Robot & FrankCan a movie about grand theft be heartwarming?  I wouldn’t have thought it, but Jake Schreier’s 2012 film Robot & Frank is.  Frank Langella plays Frank, a retired criminal with a knack for figuring out break-ins — who’s also suffering from a memory disorder.  It’s never revealed by name, but it looks like the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  His son buys him a caretaker robot (voiced by Peter Sarsgaard and physically acted by Rachael Ma) to keep his mind active and help ward off the problems he’s been having.  Frank’s not thrilled with the idea of needing a robot to take care of him, until he determines the robot’s use when it shoplifts a small item for him from the store that replaced his beloved restaurant Harry’s. Continue reading